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What Are The Most Common Types Of Oilfield Accidents And Injuries?

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In case you’re an oilfield worker, it pays to be careful and avoid the most common oilfield accidents like slips and falls. There are numerous cases of fatalities and injuries that occur in the oil and gas industry. If you don’t observe safety measures, you can soon become a victim of oilfield accidents.

The oil and gas industry has record high personal injury rates in the US, especially in Texas. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas accounted for 45% of 676 workers killed in US oilfields. If you ask an oilfield accident lawyer, here are things he will share with you about common oilfield accidents.

Common Injuries from Oilfield Accidents

Head And Brain Injuries

There are several types of brain and head injuries among which the most common are facial lacerations, skull and facial fractures, and concussions. Concussions are serious injuries as repeat wounds can become a huge concern. In the case of brain injuries, this can lead to memory problems that could leave you with neurological damage.

Broken Bones

There are several forms of bone injuries like spraining, dislocation of bones, fracture, and complete breakage of bones. If you work with defective equipment or fall from somewhere due to loss of footing, you can break your bones. Even if you get pressed against something due to a piece of equipment, this can also lead to broken bones. This is when you will need immediate medical attention.

Back And Neck Injurie

Such types of injuries are extremely common in the oil and gas industry due to the heavy lifting that workers often do. The workers should lift heavy items with a proper technique without which it can lead to injuries. In case of slippery work conditions or uncleared paths, you should remain careful to avoid fatal injuries.

Arm, Leg, Hand, And Foot Injuries

Foot injuries oilfield accidents

These injuries can range from a minor sprain or fracture or total decapitation. Whenever workers work in an oilfield with defective or dangerous equipment, their arms and hands are at risk. The loss of legs, arms, fingers, and hands is common in this line of work since most of the time workers use the equipment.

Common Accidents In Oilfields

Equipment Failure

If you are working on the drilling site,  you must be using dangerous and huge pieces of equipment. These types of machinery are needed for drilling,  pulling pipe,  mixing mud,  and several other tasks at the work site. Any heavy machinery that is used by the workers should be safe to use and properly maintained. In case they are not maintained,  this can lead to equipment failure and accidents.

Fires And Explosions

Trucks, wells, and tanks can release various forms of flammable gases. These are ignited by any form of fire starters like static electricity, open flame, or even heated items. Due to the high level of flammable activity,  there are chances of explosives and fires.

Working in an oil field is not an easy task.  While it may bless you with a heavy bank balance,  it can also risk your life at the same time.  Hence,  it is better to work with caution so that you are not subject to fatal accidents.

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