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What Are the LED Video Wall Types

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Led video curtains are large screens composed of light-emitting diodes that can show video and other visual materials just like computer monitors. With no gaps between the modules and cabinets that make up the system, it appears to the eye as a large, bright wall, allowing you to cover it with videos and seamlessly digitize any room. Led video curtain is typically used in scenography and television, virtual production studios, or anywhere the screen is captured by trained cameras.

The present market’s largest selection of LED products

With brilliant, high-contrast, precisely adjusted picture quality for any corporate application or location, led video curtain is designed to revolutionize the viewing experience.

Light-emitting diodes are used to make LED display units’ pixels, which are installed on modules. A fully led video curtain is made up of these modules when assembled. According to the needs of the final client, these screens can be customized in terms of size and shape.

By welding cylindrical LEDs through printed circuit boards, DIP technology creates a hemispherical dome, which serves as a lens to increase light output. Since a single LED can only produce one hue, a triangle-shaped arrangement of three independent RGB LEDs (red, green, and blue) is employed. For big outdoor installations, this technology is still in use. With SMD technology, the standard red, green, and blue RGB tiny diodes are still used, but they are all combined into a single square capsule that is welded to the printed circuit board. The main benefit of this “all-in-one” technology is that it ensures closer spacing between individual pixels, resulting in higher resolutions and sharper images at closer viewing distances.

LED Display Types

LED video walls indoors

Various interior applications, including lobbies, shops, boardrooms, and more, are all suited for these LED displays. They were created using SMD technology. Our LED video walls will provide you with vivid color reproduction, excellent resolutions, and an overall breathtaking viewing experience. The sizes of accessible pixel pitches start at 0.9mm.

Led video walls indoors dip technology

LED video walls outdoors

Two essential characteristics of our outdoor LED video walls are a sturdy design and excellent brightness. Beyond these two, they have low energy consumption, great brightness, finer pixel pitches for outdoor use, and water-resistance features. All outdoor applications, including retail establishments, buildings, and more, are suitable for these displays.

LED display with fine pitch

We are a developing LED display brand that is moving forward with constant innovation and transformation because we believe in the beauty of precision. The newest fine-pitch technology puts the pixels closer to each other to offer excellent picture quality and outstanding clarity when displaying any material. The display’s ideal contrast ratio, high brightness, vivid colors, and greyscale technology are with the visual richness of the material. Our Vigilant technology allows the screen to last a long time. These displays are suitable for boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, and other settings.

Characteristics and advantages of led video curtain

  • LED with Direct View
  • With no backlight
  • Superior Lighting
  • Using less energy
  • Excellent Refresh Rates
  • No Bezels, Seamless
  • Many Sizes and Shapes
  • Simple upkeep
  • Bright, high-resolution text, picture, and video displays
  • Trustworthy as it is able to tolerate vibrations, dampness, and UV light
  • Serviceability as it has ease of maintenance

The sharp, crystal-clear visual quality of LCD panels, which is especially noticeable when you’re close to the monitor, is one of their main advantages. The product’s relatively inexpensive cost has also been ensured by its long-standing position which requires almost no led wall repair making it the most preferred technology for video walls.

Our led video curtain can transmit your message with the best Quality and Clarity in a professional manner. These Displays are available in various sizes and Resolutions to accommodate any type of Visual Application, making them ideal for any application.

Our led video curtain can recreate the highest picture quality without any seams or bezels, which makes the display appear attractive and seamless. The present Display size restriction is best for any huge Display that we want to work with. For interior applications like control rooms, hotels, shops, entertainment venues, or corporate settings, our professional-grade LED video walls are ideal. For compelling viewing experiences that will engage and delight customers, choose from premium alternatives and cost-effective high-performance options.

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