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Ways Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing eCommerce

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Unless you have not read any technical news for the past decade or two – you will be aware of what artificial intelligence means to the world. Artificial intelligence has found a way of grabbing the attention of every industry. It has not even spared the eCommerce world. Today, you will come across a dozen eCommerce websites that rely on the perks of AI. Let’s get started on how to integrate artificial intelligence with your eCommerce website.


Search engines use artificial intelligence

Have you ever wondered if your online search results are different from your partners?. This is mainly because of the integration of AI with the search facility. Businesses collect loads of information about their online users. With this information, they build a preference matrix. And, search results are carefully modified based on this matrix. The math might sound simple. But, artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in achieving the right behavior. In simpler terms, targeted personas are becoming easier and faster with AI.

Big names like Google and Microsoft are willing to invest billions of dollars in this zone. In the upcoming years, your search results will become closer to what you “really” have in mind.


Retargeting is another fascinating field for artificial intelligence. This is a crucial step for grabbing the attention of customers who already made business with you. Many a time, businesses forget about customers who bought from them. However, research shows that “these” are the people with a better chance of buying from you. That is why you need a retargeting algorithm. AI is all about figuring out what customers liked about your business. It helps in sending targeted emails that can help in redirecting them to your business “once again”.

In fact, artificial intelligence is used to build coupons, deals, and discounts that can attract retargeted customers.

Streamlined CRM process 

During the sales process, customers are likely to have many questions in mind. And, these questions need to be answered. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture. It helps with solutions like the chatbot. These are automated chat windows that can respond to common customer queries. You no longer need a person to handle the basic questions. When the CRM team begins with an artificial intelligence solution, you can invest your employees on bigger and better tasks.

The Others 

Few other places where artificial intelligence plays a role in eCommerce would be personalization, virtual assistants, customer recommendations, and business intelligence tools.

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