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Van Rental: Find Cheap Deals & Rent a Van Small or Large

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Van rental hire doesn’t need to be an exorbitant expense if you know where to look to find cheap van rental Birmingham hire deals. The need for acquiring a van rental service, unlike car rentals, usually depends on a specific need for which you require the additional space that only a van can provide. So, it is best to consider first the exact purposes for which you will need it which will determine the price you would be willing to pay (or not to pay) to rent a van.

Vans traditionally come in three standard small, medium, and large – each with its own advantages.


  • Small vans – are usually the size of a larger-than-average family-size car. It will typically be able to transport loads of 1000kg with 180-degree sliding doors and an elongated hatch to fit in longer items that can measure up to 3 metres in length.
  • A medium van – is quite a bit larger and can accommodate loads up to 1500kg with a hatch space of up to 3.5 meters that includes space that is located under the driver’s seat. Medium vans usually have three seats upfront.
  • Large vans: large vans can accommodate loads of up to 3100 kg, be up to 8 cubic metres in length and be up to three metres high. Large vans will often require considerable amounts of parking space to accommodate the loading and unloading of goods.
  • Your driver’s licence will also determine the type of van that you will be able to drive, which will also determine the rental cost of the van you decide to hire.
  • Try to hire vans that fall under the British Vehicle Renting & Leasing Association, as this trade body provides a code of conduct to ensure clients obtain good service and a fair market-related deal on rental options.
  • Some rental companies provide a round-trip rental service as opposed to a single one-way rental option. It is up to you to decide which option will be more cost-effective to you in the end.

The following are some tips to assist you in securing the best van rental deal:

  • Check car rental aggregator sites that will provide you with the best comparative results to choose from amongst the major van rental companies.
  • Check daily versus weekly rates to ensure that you are maximising your rental potential over the best time frame.
  • Find out if the rental company you decide to rent from offers discounts.
  • And lastly, compare quotes to discover the best deal for you. The tool of comparison requires the necessary research but the cost savings you could potentially receive will be well worth your efforts.

Contact Empire Van Hire today for one of the best van rentals deals around town.

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