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Types of Wood Screw and Its Unique Applications

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Wood screws work like fasteners. They are specifically designed for wood. They have a sharp, targeted point that makes it easy to penetrate the wood. They have threaded shafts for better grip and secure hold. There are various types of wood screws. Knowing this can also help you choose a reliable Wood Screw Supplier.

Decking Screws – Outdoor Wood Applications

This is the most ideal type of screw for outdoor projects. As its name suggests, this is highly recommended for decking projects. It is designed to have a custom head and shaft. This will create a firm connection and resist corrosion. Its unique properties make decking screws the most preferred screws for outdoor wood projects.

Dowel Screws – Invisible Wood/Wood Connection

You insert this screw into two pieces of material. This creates a strong connection. The screws have threaded shaft ends. This makes it easier to install it into a pre-drilled hole. It will then create a secure connection without using additional hardware. The screws ensure a sturdy and seamless attachment of the two materials.

Drywall Screws – Mounting Drywall to Other Materials

This is the most ideal for drywall mounting. You can choose from two options – coarsely threaded and finely threaded screws. The screws have a fine thread and a bugle. This makes it easy to attach the screw to the drywall.

Lag Screws – Attach Heavy Objects to Other Materials

Lag screws wood screw

The screws are larger and thicker. This has a hexagonal head which makes it easier to tighten or lose. The lag screws are highly recommended for its strength. This type of screws are made from strong materials like hardened steel. This can withstand the load and resist easy breaking. And due to its size, the lag screws can provide additional support and strength.

Philips Head Screws – General Application

Also known as “cross-head screws,” this is one of the most popular types. It has a “+” slot in the head. You need a Philips screwdriver to use this screw. You can find this in different sizes, lengths, and materials. That is why this is ideal for DIY projects.

Self-Tapping Screws – No Pre-Drilling Required

This screw has a sharp and pointed tip. The screws are helpful for applications where the traditional drilling method is not possible. Its design makes it easy to install the screw into wood surfaces. It is also convenient since you no longer have to drill holes before installing the screws.

Torx Drive Screws – High-Stress Applications

This is also known as “star drive screws.” This has a six-point star-shaped slot in the head. This is the best option to avoid causing damage to the wood. Torx drive screws are the most reliable when it comes to durability. Torx screw makes a durable connection between two materials.

These are just some of the many wood screws in the market. Remember that each of these screws is unique and is best for certain applications. Make sure that you look into these options first before you buy screws for your project.

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