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Tricks to Beat the Bookmakers with Math in 2022

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Beating the bookmakers with different betting strategies is hardly possible. Some are based on mathematical calculations while others have long years of experience. If you want to profit from sports betting, you should think differently to beat the bookmaker.

The following strategies are the most effective to beat the bookmaker in the long run. Let’s check them out.

1. Follow the betting tipsters

Winning in the long run and beating the bookmakers becomes possible if you follow the right tipsters. Your only task is to have push notifications allowed on your device. Placing the bets on the same odds can be used as a strong profitability factor. Many bettors are making the mistake of not betting straightaway.

2. Use a football database of statistics

You should predict football matches correctly. The use of databases of statistics can help you in this. With the right instrument, you can beat the bookmaker easily. For example, you can use statistical tools such as StatisticSports and PlayThePercentage. They analyze football data based on numerous matches back in history.

Football matches bookmakers

3. Benefit from the bookmaker’s bonuses

Bookmakers are offering bonuses to bettors. These are the best methods to expand the audience.

As a bettor, you should take the maximum out of those bonuses. Before registering an account with the bookmaker, examine the available offers. After conducting a comparative analysis, you will decide where to stay.

4. Find odds differences between bookmaker

Many bookmakers have legal licenses. You probably already realized that there is a slight odds difference between bookmakers. Arbitrage betting is the mathematical strategy that is ideal to beat the bookmakers every time.

Sure bets are one of the oldest possibilities in sports betting to collect guaranteed profits. By covering the results, you can always beat the bookmaker that made a mistake. With the right stake, you can earn money regardless of the outcome.

5. Find bets with a decent value

Value betting is similar to finding arbitrage bets. The only difference is that the other outcomes remain uncovered. Indicating betting opportunities where the odds are overpriced is also an old mechanism. If you can beat the bookmaker’s lines with higher odds, you can make a solid profit with it.

6. Stop using accumulator bets

What kind of betting strategy do you follow? Mixing it with many parlay bets, bookmakers will think that you are an average bettor. Based on statistics, your winning potential, in the long run, is absolutely possible. Each odd includes the bookmaker’s profit margin. Using accumulators, the odds are put together. As a result, you might win 1-2 of these parlay bets but you will lose in a long-term perspective.

7. Learn about trading and betting exchanges

The main benefit of betting is that you don’t have to take over the bookmaker. Your only goal is to beat another bettor. This way of betting reveals a wide range of opportunities. Generally, the odds are getting closer to the real probability. Winning is more and more possible.

Many bettors have earned a lot of money by trading on platforms like Betnow review. This mechanism needs more knowledge and learning about sports. But it has a great benefit: the bookmakers don’t limit your account.

8. Be a master of one sport

Don’t try to cover several kinds of sports at once. You should focus on a particular kind of sport. Then, it will be easier for you to beat the bookmaker. You will conduct your own research and analysis to collect the necessary amount of information. Having the knowledge in a narrow sphere will help you succeed in that sphere by placing more accurate bets.

Can you ever beat the bookmakers?

Each time you make a profit from your bet, you automatically beat the bookmaker. To make this possible, you can apply two kinds of approaches to winning against bookmakers. The first approach is following betting mechanisms that can result in profits from every bet. The other strategy is beating the odds in the long-term perspective using different instruments, software, or statistical databases.

The problem with beating the bookmakers is that almost everyone will make your goal more complicated. The majority of them won’t allow you to become a winner. What you can do is to expand your knowledge by checking the information on the web. The more you know, the higher the winning potential you have.

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