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Complete Guide on How to Track Amazon Order Without Logging In

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The habit of frequently logging in and visiting the Orders area to keep track of their previous purchases can quickly become tiresome for frequent Amazon customers. Fortunately, there is an alternative method that makes it possible to keep an eye on Amazon shipments without logging in. We will examine this practical method for easily tracking Amazon orders without having to log in in this comprehensive article.

Can I Track my Amazon Order Without Having to Log in?

Yes, it is! You may easily keep an eye on your Amazon shipments without having to go through login requirements as long as you have the crucial tracking ID. You can use this special tracking ID to track the status of your order without logging in by visiting the website of the relevant delivery carrier or reputable third-party tracking services.

How to Track Your Amazon Order Step-by-Step Without Signing In

As said earlier, you can easily track Amazon orders without logging in, but only if you have the tracking ID for the particular order you want to keep an eye on. Here’s a thorough explanation of the steps involved:

After ordering an order on Amazon, please remember that it is important to track ID and make sure you have it within reach.

First, you will need a tracking number. It is usually available in your email, which you used to sign up to Amazon. Launch your email client or go to the website where you access your emails. Use the search bar to look for emails from Amazon. The subject line might include words like “Your Amazon.com order” or something similar. Once you find the email from Amazon related to your order, open it. Within the email, look for information related to shipment and tracking. Amazon typically includes a tracking number and a link to track your package.

Step 1: Launch the Amazon Shopping Mobile Application

Using your iOS or Android mobile device, open the Amazon Shopping app to begin your tracking trip. The app icon is located on your device’s home screen. To launch the app, tap on it.

Step 2: Go to Your Orders

Go to your orders amazon

After the Amazon app launches, locate the lower right corner of your screen and tap it. The hamburger bar tab is a distinguishing icon that may be seen here. Typically, three straight lines placed on top of one another are used to depict it. Press this symbol.

Step 3: Choose the Order You Want

Locate the Orders area from the menu choices that pop up when you tap the hamburger menu. Often, a label such as “Your Orders” or “Orders” indicates it. To continue, tap this section.

Step 4: Start Monitoring

You may see a list of your most recent Amazon orders in the Orders section. Browse this list and choose the particular order you want to keep an eye on. To view the order information, tap on it.

Step 5: Make a duplicate of the tracking ID

You will see a tab that says “Track shipment” under the order information. This is where you can track the status of your shipment. To start the tracking procedure, tap “Track shipment.”

You must copy your Tracking identification (ID) number in order to proceed to the next stage. Simply tap and hold the Tracking ID number that is visible on the screen to accomplish this, then choose the “Copy” alternative from the menu that displays.

Step 6: Go to PKGE.NET

Now that you have the tracking ID copied to the clipboard, visit the PKGE.NET Amazon Package Tracking page. To undertake this, launch the web browser of your choice on your device, and type “PKGE.NET” into the URL bar. To access the webpage, press “Go” or “Enter.”

Step 7: Insert the tracking number

You will see a specific box on the PKGE.NET website where you may copy and paste your tracking identification number. After tapping the field to display the keyboard, tap and hold it in the field, then choose “Paste” to paste the tracking number.

Finally, find and hit the Location icon, or any other button of a similar nature, on the website to initiate the entire tracking procedure and reveal the fine details of your order’s journey. By doing this, you’ll start the tracking process and see up-to-date details regarding your Amazon order.

You may easily trace your Amazon order by following these instructions without logging into your Amazon account. Click https://techcult.com/can-you-track-an-amazon-order-without-signing-in/ to learn more about tracking orders from Amazon.

Using third-party websites

Buyers can also track their orders using a third-party website that is designed for tracking shipments.  Examples include PackageRadar, AfterShip, or 17TRACK. Enter your Amazon order or tracking number on one of these websites, and it may provide you with the latest tracking information.

The first step to tracking your Amazon order without logging in using third-party tracking websites is to visit the site you want to use. After that, locate the tracking section and enter your Amazon tracking number. Retrieve your Amazon tracking number from your order confirmation email or by other means. Enter the tracking number into the provided field on the third-party tracking website.

Click on the search or track button to initiate the tracking process. The website will query its database and retrieve the latest tracking information associated with your package. The website will display the current status, location, and other relevant details about your Amazon shipment.

Where on the App Are Your Amazon Orders?

Are you curious about the location of your shipped and delivered Amazon orders within the app? The work is simple. Simply hit the hamburger submenu tab and choose “Orders” from the menu. The “Your Orders” menu will gracefully open with just one click, displaying a neatly arranged list of all of your most recent orders.

Is It Possible to Use Order Number to Look Up Amazon Orders?

It’s true that Amazon has made it easier by making it possible to use an order number to look for your orders. You can use this function by simply going to the very top of the “Your Orders” menu, where there is a search bar that is easy to use. Enter the order number you’re looking for, then watch as the system works quickly to find the exact item you want.

How long is the order history retained by Amazon?

Are you worried about how long your order history will last? Don’t worry! Your order history is more than welcome to be kept on file by Amazon indefinitely. You can view your whole history of purchases on Amazon for as many months or years as you need to because your records don’t expire.

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