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Top Tips to Rank Higher as an Amazon Seller

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No matter the age of your business, becoming an Amazon seller can be the best way to scale it further. The platform not only lets you establish your brand but also provides you with more exposure. While you will benefit from these advantages of using the platform, you also have to make your way through increased competition. Since a single keyword search can often return countless results, you need to understand how to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why learning how to market a product and getting higher rankings on Amazon is critical to every store on the platform. Fortunately, pulling off this feat is not impossible when you know what you are doing. To help you obtain this goal, here’s how you can nab improved rankings on Amazon as a seller. Learn more.

Learn How to Market a Product Using A9

In order to decide the rankings of product listings automatically, Amazon uses its own proprietary algorithm that’s dubbed “A9.” Similar to Google’s search algorithm, A9 uses various factors to determine the search result rankings of Amazon products. These factors include, but are not limited to, keyword relevance, price point, product availability and previous sales.

In order to improve your rankings on Amazon, you need to master these major areas. Some are easier to obtain, while others improve more slowly over time. As a rule of thumb, you should tune into these basics first to build a good foundation on the platform.

Focus on Keyword Relevance

Focus on keyword relevance

While learning how to market a product on Amazon, it’s important to understand that Amazon search results are highly dependent on search terms or keywords. When someone searches for a certain keyword, they are shown products that are a close match to their inquiry.

This means that if you want to show up in certain searches, you have to write your product information with those terms in mind. The closer your product details are to major search inquiries, the higher the chances you have of ranking on related keywords or phrases.

Optimize Your Title Carefully

After keyword relevance, your title is one of the most critical factors for your Amazon ranking. That’s why you should ensure that it not only has your keywords but also contains other details. These include factors such as the product’s brand, type, color, size, packaging and material. Including all of these details within the title can seem tricky at first. However, it’s a crucial step in order to gain higher rankings for your product listings.

While you optimize your title, make sure that you are tapping into audience insights to include phrases that your target audience might search for. For instance, if you are selling a smartphone case, make sure to consider alternative title keywords such as “phone cover” or “cell phone case” as well.

Create Powerful Descriptions That Sell

As you learn how to market a product on Amazon, it’s critical to clarify that your product descriptions need to be more relevant than they are wordy. This means that you should write product descriptions that highlight all features and benefits, but you should do so in a way that does not seem convoluted for the reader or potential buyer.

When you use proper keywords with alternative phrases in this description, it improves your chances of getting higher rankings on the eCommerce platform.

Other Factors

As mentioned earlier, other factors such as price and conversion ratings also play their respective parts. But some of them are influenced by time instead of immediate changes.

For instance, when you take care of issues such as competitive pricing, these collective steps also have a positive effect on your conversion rate. By sticking to the right optimization approach, you can obtain improved rankings against your listings over time.

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