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Top SaaS Tools for Businesses in 2021

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Software as a Service, shortly known as SaaS, is gaining popularity these days due to more advantages. It is a software licensing and distribution model allowing businesses to improve their functions effectively. SaaS products involve different types which cater to the needs of businesses to ensure optimal results. On the other hand, businesses should evaluate them with more attention before investing money. This will help a lot to choose the right one which exactly suits a business. Having the best SaaS software enables a business to focus more on its objectives and other things significantly.

List of top 7 SaaS tools available for businesses in 2021

1. Slack – Communication SaaS tool

Slack saas tool

Slack is the most powerful communication SaaS tool that provides ways to bring a whole team together with excellent features. It works faster than email and chats by addressing the exact needs of users. The tool makes file sharing easy because it contributes more to integrate with more than 2000 apps. Another thing is that it gives ways to integrate with multiple third parties to get the desired outputs.

2. Hubspot – CRM SaaS Software

Hubspot saas software platform

Hubspot is sales, marketing, and CRM SaaS software platform that helps to grow business in the markets. This product offers email marketing automation which gives ways to create a workflow, publish created content, and create effective marketing campaigns. It covers all the aspects of the sales cycle by addressing the essential needs of a business. The software is ideal for generating leads and marketing products with automation features.

3. Buffer – Social Media Management SaaS Software

Buffer social media management saas software

Buffer is social media management SaaS software tha enables businesses to post content on multiple platforms from a single account. The primary advantage of the software is that it provides ways to manage posts, content performance, and profiles in one place. Apart from that, the smart analytics feature lets a business determine the type of content that is performing well on social media platforms.

4. Trello – Project Management Tool

Trello project management tool

Trello is a project management tool that allows a business to create a board for a team that helps to add important details. Moreover, the tool makes feasible ways to collaborate on projects from start to end easily. It paves methods to enhance the productivity and efficiency levels of employees to complete a project on time. Some of the features offered by the tool include customization, boards, lists, cards, and no-code automation.

5. Toggl – Productivity SaaS Tool

Toggl productivity saas tool

Toggl is a productivity SaaS tool meant for small businesses to track the team’s workload and spots potential issues in their workflow. Some of the features offered by the tool include time audits, time rounding, required fields, and auto-saving of reports. The tool enables users to make editing tasks with a right-click menu. Furthermore, it offers a 30-day free trial plan for a business that helps know more about the features in detail.

6. Active campaign – Marketing Automation SaaS Tool

Active campaign marketing automation saas tool

Active campaign is a marketing automation SaaS tool that works well for promotion activities with user-friendly features. Some of them include SMS marketing, newsletters, 500+ pre-built automation, CRM & sales automation, free email templates, landing pages, social media monitoring, free one-on-one training, advanced segmentation, and targeting. It gives ways to engage customers effectively to gain more advantages.

7. Freshbooks – Accounting SaaS Software

Freshbooks accounting saas software

Freshbooks is an accounting SaaS software that paves methods to simplify any financial management tasks. The intuitive designs and automation processes allow businesses to carry out accounting-related works with high efficiency. It runs analytics reports that will help evaluate the business patterns to ensure high growth in markets. Another thing about this software is that it contributes more to track expenses and other important business activities which help streamline operations to a large extent.

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