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Top Questions to Ask a Security Company Before Hiring Them

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If your business deals in valuable goods or you have to protect intellectual property or other data you don’t want getting out, it’s vital to do everything you can to keep these assets safe from digital and in-person threats. Many entrepreneurs focus on ways to keep hackers out, which is vital, but don’t spend enough energy on protecting things from physical threats, either. You may want to consider hiring a security company to patrol your work premises, keep track of expensive inventory, or even attend significant events you run to stop crowds from getting unruly.

If so, it’s necessary to research potential firms carefully and know what you need and what you’ll get from the company you eventually settle on. It helps to ask some key questions before you make your mind up.

Are Your Workers Licensed and Insured?

Firstly, just as with any other professional field, when hiring a security company, ensure that anyone who comes to provide their services for your business is appropriately licensed. They need the proper certifications in the state to do their job, and this licensing also needs to be up to date and not expired.

Plus, you need to ask if the guards allocated to your firm have full-cover insurance. They need this so that you won’t be liable to pay for expenses if something happens to them or their gear while on your premises or otherwise assisting yourself or your team or at events, etc.

What Types of Services Do You Offer?

Take the time to get clear on your security needs or what you think they could be before you start researching and contacting firms. This way, you can ask them what types of services they offer and, upon hearing their responses, know right away if they’re likely to be worth considering further or not. For example, you may simply want people who can patrol your warehouse or office, or you may need armed guards who can travel with large loads of cash or valuables to numerous places.

You might want security personnel to evaluate likely threats and suggest how to mitigate risks, or get them to set up cameras and alarms. You could need yourself and other leaders or various team members to be trained in how to handle hostage or robbery situations or other dangerous occasions, too.

Sometimes, it’s wise to look for a security firm specializing in a particular field relevant to your needs. For instance, you might be planning on holding a raft of big events where crowd control could be an issue and thus require workers who handle these types of situations regularly. As such, it’s worthwhile asking the people you contact about their areas of specialization, if they have them.

What Training Do Your Employees or Contractors Go Through?

Another critical question to ask security organizations is what level of training their staff members undergo. You want to opt for a firm where employees or contractors are required to keep their knowledge and skills updated over the years, particularly regarding equipment and where threats can come from.

If you want to pay for quality security guarding services, it’s worth investing in those from people who continue to learn and grow in their field rather than getting out of touch and being less effective at what they do in turn.

What Do Your Prices Include?

What do your prices include

The cost of different firms is, of course, going to play a big part in who you end up choosing to safeguard your organization. However, be sure you compare “apples with apples” by asking not just what the price is but precisely what this covers and what the extra charges are for additional services or expenses.

For example, generally, the more services you want covered, the higher the price will be, and the same goes if you want security guards to work night shifts or on public holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Day. Get clear on what your total costs will be before deciding who to hire.

Other questions worth asking are:

1. Who are some of your other clients, and are there testimonials available to read from past or current customers?

2. Who exactly from the firm would be guarding our business if we hire you?

3. What sort of communication skills do these people have?

4. Do you do thorough background checks on your staff members?

5. Have you worked with businesses like ours before?

Evaluate as many factors as you need to when combing through security provider options, and you’re much more likely to pick the best company for your needs the first time.

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