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Top Language Learning Apps 2022

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Be it a kid or an adult learning a new language is likely to be a difficult task. But this does not mean that you should do away with learning a new language that you might possibly be interested in. Fortunately, there have been developed numerous language learning apps that flood the Android and iPhone store. You just need to identify and select the most appropriate one to enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Top Linguistics Apps To Use In 2022

1. Busuu:

Busuu language learning app

This app does offer valuable lessons. It is developed targeting educators, schools, casual users and even businesses. More formal learning approach is taken with less playful interface. It offers diversified cool learning packages, grammar, vocabulary, customized study plans and the opportunity to practice with original speakers. On registration, the app specifies an approximate date. It is essential to reach committed language level during onboarding page. The course also includes listening, conversation, vocabulary and grammar. The app’s dashboard offers news articles to read or you may simply listen to Busuu podcast.

2. Duolingo:

Duolingo language learning app

This free app offers gamified teaching technique while boosting real-world communication skills. Its playful interface makes lessons enjoyable and fun-filed. The well-structured encourages you to complete assigned tasks and unlock new, interesting challenges. It combines engaging techniques with complex content. There are over 35 languages available to master. It has categories that enable you to become a ‘Pro’! You can also enjoy getting rewards and achievements. You can learn the technique to pronounce and spell words correctly, understand native speakers, improve vocabulary, construct sentences, etc. You also get to listen or read stories related to real-life situations.

3. Mondly:

Mondly language learning app

This app uses imagery, providing you with 40+ languages to learn. The courses are structured to tackle with commonly occurring real-life situations. There are also real conservations, grammar, vocabulary builders, quick daily lessons, etc. Concerning common situations, there are 50+ topics to select from. It offers amazing Customer Experience with its simple games. You can also check out its virtual reality and augmented reality features. Learn new language with this app in non-conventional way in case you do not desire standard, usual online classes.

4. Babbel:

Babbel language learning app

It is one of the popular Linguistics Apps that takes a classic approach to teach new languages to those interested. Lessons generally begin with fundamental details like introductions, greetings and letters. Courses are also taken from real-life, commonly occurring situations. It includes daily life, culture, travelling, business, etc. You also have the option to skip basic course and move on to advanced one. But to avail advanced package, you need to switch to premium plans. It uses improvised chats, puzzles, images and voice as well as live classes.

5. LingoDeer:

Lingodeer language learning app

This app offers a practical and easy approach to learn a new language along with real-world communication skills. You may personalize your learning experience simply by selecting your preferred narrators, script type and dashboard background color. Flashcards are designed in this app to help exercise your memory. Cards can be downloaded onto the phone for offline practice. Besides written lessons, do test your speaking and listening skills through engaging stories.

6. Memrise:

Memrise language learning app

This app offers 20+ languages to choose from and an amazing Customer Experience. Every listening session allows you to view and hear locals speaking with you. It allows the opportunity to play as well as complete lessons in an engaging way. For every completed lesson, unlock new ones. The app’s premium versions offer rewards such as getting discounts. You can learn fundamental and advanced details like difficult words, idioms, grammar and numbers. Every course tends to include progressive levels taking about 8+ hours to complete.

With so many language learning apps available to download, you need to through the pros and cons of each one. Getting to know them in details and identifying your specific requirements, strengths and weaknesses will be essential. This way, you can choose the one that will fit your needs and preferences.

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