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Top Four Tips on How to Choose a Domain Name

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The domain plays a very important role in any company’s marketing strategy. Just like your company’s name, it is important to choose an appropriate domain name. The domain requires plenty of consideration and thought. By definition, the domain name will become the identity of your business on the internet. The name must suit your business, and it should be easier to promote. With this being said, here are a few points on how to choose the right domain name for your company.

#1 Easy

Choose easy domain name

First things first, the name should be easy for the customers to type. When your domain is complicated and loaded with difficult terms, customers will find it hard to type. And when customers cannot remember or type the name properly, they will not be able to reach your website. For example, if you decide to replace “four” with “4” in the domain name or “you” with “you,”, it can confuse potential online users. The best solution for this problem would be to type the domain name.

Tip: Never make the process of finding your website difficult for customers. Be specific, and customer-friendly in every possible way.

#2 Keep the Domain Name Short

“Short and sweet” always wins the game! This is why you must try to build a short domain name for your business. The risks of your customer’s misspelling or mistyping the name will be high when you choose complicated and long domain names. The only way to fix this problem is with simple and concise ones.

#3 Rely on Keywords

Keywords in domain name

Any online marketing method will be incomplete without the help of keywords. Keywords have the potential to describe more about your business and drive more leads. For instance, if you are into the cake business, you must consider a domain like tastycakes.com or cakes.com! Try to incorporate the primary keyword into your domain name.

When you choose to incorporate keywords into your domain name, you will be able to boost online traffic. This is mainly because search engines will be able to find your venture and display it within the top 10 results! Remember, customers only look for top businesses.

#4 Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Finally, try to avoid the use of special characters like numbers and hyphens in your domain name. This is mainly because people who come across your domain are likely to be confused if you used the numeral or if you spelled the number out.


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