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Top Four Robotic Technology in Agriculture

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In the next few decades, the population of the world will reach a whopping 9 billion. This can trigger a dramatic boom in agriculture fields. After all, the demand for food ought to double and there needs to be a way of handling it. In the upcoming years, farmers need to try robotic solutions to help themselves in the future.

Now, you might have come across a variety of industries relying on robotics for production. From customer care to packaging to manufacturing to transport, these industries tend to invest in robots over employees. With the rise of artificial intelligence and a growing population, it is mandatory for robotics and AI to venture into agriculture too.

With this being said, here are a few players who are doing great in agriculture.

#1 Ecrobotix

Ecrobotix robot for agriculture

First things first, Ecrobotix focuses on lightweight drones. These drones are powered by the sun’s light energy. And, this energy is used to drive the robot all day long. It has complex cameras and a system for spraying weed. This robot can spot weeds easily, and spray the right chemicals on them. The arms of this robot are extremely precise. Thus, it uses 90% less chemical solutions. This is why the use of this robot is several times cheaper than conventional methods.

#2 Naio Technologies

Naio technologies for agriculture

Naio is known for its huge collection of robots. They can be used to build a perfect farm. Most of the time, these robots are used to protect and carefully preserve local environments. Once again, these robots are often used to get rid of the weed. They are extremely useful during the harvest season. The ultimate aim of this company is to help grow abundant, healthier, and friendlier crops.

#3 Energid


Energid has designed a stunning citrus-picking system.

How many days would you spend picking all the oranges on your farm? Don’t you need a break? This robot from Energid will give you the break you are looking for. These systems are effective during the harvest season. The robot is capable of picking fruit in 3 to 4 seconds. Above all, this robot is the cheapest to build. In the upcoming years, more and more farms will be able to make the most of this robot.

#4 Agrobot E-Series

Agrobot e-series

Likewise, you have the Agrobot E-series for strawberry farms. This is a robot with 24 specially designed arms. The robot can be used to collect strawberries, and in fact, it can figure out if a strawberry is ripe or not!

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