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Top Four Audiobooks for Businessmen (and Businesswomen)

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Many a time, the power of audiobooks are underestimated. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you might need to spend some time listening to audiobooks. This media can help you with valuable pieces of advice and loads of information. Finding the right time to listen to an audiobook can be difficult. Yet, you need to make up your mind, and listen. Here are some of the industry’s best audiobooks for businessmen.

#1 Pitch Anything

Pitch anything

The list of audiobooks for businessmen begins with “Pitch Anything”. To excel in any trade, you must master the art of persuading people. Fortunately, this audiobook from Oren Klaff focuses on this quality. The book has raised nearly 400 million USD in the past ten years. Apart from tips on how to persuade people, you will be able to learn more about startups, negotiation patterns, and ways of convincing people. The stories are told with a pinch of “neuroeconomics”. This is why Pitch Anything is one of the market’s most successful creations.

#2 Rules for Renegades

Rules for renegades

Another impressive audiobook for businessmen would be “Rules for Renegades”. This book is all about building a successful career. The author is a reputed model and a multimillionaire. She has been classified as an unsuccessful, and successful business personnel. As interesting as it sounds, her audiobook is too good to be true. Throughout the audiobook, you will come across various points on empowerment.

#3 Disciplines of Execution

Disciplines of execution

To be more precise, this audiobook focuses on “4 Disciplines of Execution”. A lot of people consider this as a wild goal. Nevertheless, you cannot survive in the industry without a working on wild, out of the box goals. This is what all executives and leaders crave for. When you want to be successful, you should be able to create a balance between tasks. The focus should always be kept on the final prize. Likewise, you should be able to apply your learnings on both professional and personal life. This audiobook focuses on all these aspects.

#4 Power of Body Language

Power of body language

Entrepreneur, or engineer – you need to master body language. Apart from exhibiting the right kind of body language, you should be able to understand another person’s body language too. This is a skill that makes a big difference in the world of entrepreneurs. Whether it is a negotiation, or an interview, or a simple discussion – body language truly matters.

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