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Top Five Cybersecurity Trends of 2020

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Do you know that cybersecurity is a powerful board game where defenders and hackers are always battling against one another? There is never a possibility of a checkmate in this domain. That is because hackers always come up with newer ways of breaking into systems, while defenders are making their job tougher.

A recent study revealed that hackers are trying to break systems every 14 seconds? This number is going to come down in the next few years. This is why cybersecurity is a trending area of work. There is so much to study and improvise against cyber threats.

#1 More Monetary Investments

Monetary investments cybersecurity trends

In the upcoming years, more and more money will be spent on cybersecurity. “Fear” would drive the need to invest more in this domain. In fact, governments are introducing many General Data Protection regulations and acts to keep businesses safe from cyber threats. Businesses are investing a good amount of money on sophisticated infrastructure in this domain.

Fun Fact: Companies are bound to increase their investment by 75 to 80 percent in the next few days.

#2 Newer Skills, Newer tools

To ensure that businesses and individuals are safe from cybersecurity threats, newer tools and skills should be mastered. This means there will be many new cybersecurity jobs. To be more precise, there will be 3 million vacant jobs in this zone. And, these jobs should be filled with skilled engineers as soon as possible. After all, businesses should keep going without any cybersecurity issues.

#3 Cloud Security

Cloud security cloud cybersecurity

For a considerable amount of time, businesses and individuals strongly believed that storing the cloud would avoid many security issues. Well, even cloud infrastructures by Google and Microsoft are not 100% secure. The assumptions made on cloud security are been broken on a daily basis. This is because attacks like phishing, malicious data manipulation, and human errors can impact cloud security.

#4 Automation and Integration

The demand for automation and integration will be on the rise. Just like cybersecurity, there will be many new jobs in the field of automation and integration. Security professionals are expected to make use of automation and integrated solutions to boost productivity and efficiency.

#5 Mobile Devices

Mobile devices

Last but certainly not least, mobile devices will be of more prominence. This is because there are millions and millions of mobile users. It is compelling to invest time and effort in preventing a cyberattack on mobile applications and devices.

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