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Top Bitcoin Apps for You to Enjoy!

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When bitcoins were first introduced, no one anticipated its growth and capacity. Today, Bitcoin is a fully grown, promising technology that is experimented with by people around the world. With the fourth industrial revolution in progress, Bitcoin is going to play an integral role in it. What makes this technology interesting would be the fact that there are no rules and regulations to govern it. Also, there is no shortage of demand or supply for this kind of currency. With this being said, what are the best bitcoin apps in the industry? Keep reading to find out!


Coinbase bitcoin app

Coinbase is headquartered in California, and it specializes in digital asset management. The company allows its clients to exchange and trade bitcoins. Of course, the company doesn’t stop with bitcoins. It is a platform for exchanging a variety of digital currencies. The app is highly rated in android and has one of the finest Ethereum wallets in the industry.

On registering with Coinbase, you will receive bitcoins worth 10USD for free when you make your first buy, and sell bitcoins worth 100USD.


Blockfolio bitcoin app

If you are an ardent trader of bitcoins, you are bound to be accustomed to its features and nature. Thus, Blockfolio will be of great use to you. With the help of this application, you can monitor your investments very closely. The app specializes in offering prompt updates about cryptocurrencies, and its primary focus is on bitcoins.


Coinatmradar bitcoin app

Most of the time, people look for applications that would help them understand how to work with bitcoins. And, there are few others who are only keen on buying and selling these currencies. Today, you have a dozen websites to help you buy and sell bitcoins, such as Xcoins.com. But, the actual challenge is in finding a site that truly accepts the currency. In such a situation, CoinATMRadar proves to be useful.

CoinATMRadar helps individuals find businesses that accept bitcoins. When you are able to find a business that is bitcoin-friendly, much of your work gets done. 


Bitmap bitcoin apps

Indeed, the primary need for bitcoins or any cryptocurrency would be online exchange and trading. Yet, there are few physical shops that accept bitcoins. It’s important for you to be aware of these physical shopping places. The bitmap is designed to locate shops that accept cryptocurrencies. As soon as you install the application, all nearby shops that accept bitcoins will be displayed. Thus you can use your digital money to buy physical products (or services).

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