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Top Best Expense Tracker Apps

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This 2021, you can come up with a resolution to curtail business-related expenses as much as possible to increase savings. To achieve your goal, you can install the Best Expense Tracker Apps available on Android phones. The right tracker when installed can help simplify recording your income and expenditures. These apps can help manage your expenses better, with some being cloud-based. This means you can use them even on the move using any other mobile device. Besides entering the amount, it also allows scanning of receipts to develop digital images. Thus, you can easily make a copy and then file it for accounting or taxation purposes. It also allows for managing deductible expenses, thus retaining more profits and making fewer tax payments. The apps help maintain expenses accurately and hence, are profitable.

Best Expense Tracker Apps

#1 Rydoo

Rydoo expense tracker app logo

This was called Xpenditure previously and is a simple app to track expenses. This paperless expenses reporting software is meant for growing enterprises/businesses. It streamlines how you track expenses, thus allowing you to not hire an accountant. It also saves precious time, prevents paper-based expense reporting and manual input. Upload receipts through the email/app and extract crucial data. All of this can be ordered based on categories and projects. You can log mileages and cash advances, establish groups, branches and offices. It helps you to enhance your financial policies and generate reports in XLS, CSV, PDF, XML forms.

#2 QuickBooks

Quickbooks quickbooks expense tracker app logo

This is considered to be an affordable, effective and popular expense accounting app for all types of businesses. You can access it on a wide range of platforms. It allows you to run smoothly your accounting process. Emphasis is placed more on expense tracking. You can come across real-time dashboards to update your financial transaction as and when they occur. It also permits the automatic download of your bank account data. You do not have to type large volumes of information onto spreadsheets. Keep track of all invoices to chase overdue client payments. It complies with sales tax tracking standards and captures all receipts. QuickBooks Premier Hosting is quite good for invoicing especially when you`re doing cloud accounting using Cloud Desktop etc. This is indeed among the best expense tracker apps for small establishments. You can get access to QuickBooks Assistant, QBOA (QuickBooks Online Accountant) and QuickBooks Self-Employed.

#3 Expensify

Expensify expense tracker app logo

This automated app is used to track all expenses in real-time and offers several interesting automated features. You can maintain updated books and reduce the hassles involved in the accounting process. It logs all expenses and scans receipts. It creates reports and later submits them for approval. It is aware of what to send since it analyzes your organizational policies. There is also present an automatic reimbursement system. Based on accounting reports, it helps deliver money quickly to respective employee bank accounts. This app is real-time, cloud-based and remembers all changes. Your financial data is completely safe with this app.

#4 Hurdlr

Hurdlr hurdlr expense tracker app logo

This is an automated, accounts-integrated tracking app that also includes the tax filing process. It makes your accounting process more efficient and simplified, thus helping with tax deductions. It has been developed exclusively to be used by couriers, drivers, hosts, realtors, and freelancers. It can auto-track every expense and mileage, allowing you to claim deductions. It offers real-time status updates concerning your profits pre and post-tax periods. Moreover, it streamlines expense and income within a single place. This app can be linked with your financial accounts. You can send your tax filings automatically to your CPA. This app also provides comprehensive features. You can avail of a free tier or a paid version that is payable monthly/annually.

#5 Spenmo


This is the best expense tracker app Singapore that will help your business have all expense records in one place. They also feature virtual and physical corporate cards that you can assign to your employees for business related expenses. In addition, this app makes reimbursements to employees easier by helping you verify the receipts your employee submits and you can send payouts in just one click. With the use of this app, you can track all expenses real-time, helping you handle their cash flow effectively.

Selecting the best expense tracker apps will allow you to be on top of all expenses and pay taxes correctly.

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