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Top 9 DNS Filtering Solutions for Your Businesses

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Today’s digital world has enabled businesses to reach their global customers effortlessly and quickly. But there are online threats that small and big businesses need to deal with. If a team is employed in your business, then online security should be improved significantly. DNS filtering is the best way to achieve this task.

What is DNS?

DNS is a ‘Domain Name System’. It acts like an internet phonebook. When visiting any site, a domain name is entered to access it easily. In doing so, you seek that site’s IP address. The concerned DNS server then translates the same to the IP address, thus enabling you to access the site.

About DNS Filtering

DNS filtering is that process that uses DNS for blocking malicious, inappropriate and harmful sites. Your network is also made secure from online attacks while enabling you to have greater control over internet accessibility provided to your employees. This automatically increases productivity.

Top DNS Filtering Solutions

1. Cloudflare Gateway:

Cloudflare gateway dns filtering

This tool keeps users and data safe from cyber threats. It uses a centralized firewall to avoid backhauling user traffic that might slow down your website. This advanced technology allows you to derive comprehensive security, but without having to compromise on work performance. You will not face any more issues like crypto-mining, phishing campaigns, etc.

2. NordLayer:

Nordlayer dns filtering

This highly sophisticated Cloud technology service can help block phishing sites. Your teammates and business environment are well protected from cyber attacks. It also offers device-level DNS protection and stops access to online streaming sites, eCommerce sites, and social media. Thus work productivity is increased.

3. Perimeter 81:

Perimeter 81 dns filtering

Using the Internet of Things enables DNS filtering while ensuring your employees do not access dangerous, unauthorized sites. This tool offers advanced features to manage easily your web filter across the diverse company network. It also blacklists dangerous domains and IP addresses. Category-based filtering allows blocking sites by category.

4. Heimdal:

Heimdal dns filtering

It prevents malicious web pages and domains. DNS-filtering feature checks each request made on the end-point, thereby safeguarding your business against malicious sites. It is powered by AI-based traffic pattern sophisticated recognition technology to enhance protection. It also uses machine learning algorithms to improve traffic filtering abilities.

5. SafeDNS:

Safedns dns filtering

Using the Internet of Things enhances business security and DNS filtering abilities. It does not allow intrusions into your internal network while protecting Wi-Fi hotspots, thus offering safe online browsing. Be it large concerts or public events, your Wi-Fi stays protected. You also derive accurate and comprehensive web categorization.

6. DNSFilter:

Dnsfilter online threats

Adopting this tool will ensure online threats are kept away. This technology is adopted by several Fortune 500 companies such as NVIDIA. Its AI helps detect smartly different types of attacks and destroys them. Thus, it assures enterprise protection and filtering. This Cloud-based DNS filter offers a sturdy layer of security over the tech stack.

7. Cisco Umbrella:

Cisco umbrella dns filtering

This tool helps perform DNS filtering tasks and control your network efficiently. It also provides internet access management through category-based DNS filtering. It enables, requests, allows, or blocks SafeSearch browsing. You can get complete control of your network, and choose moderate, low, or high content settings.

8. DNSCyte:

Dnscyte dns filtering

This tool by CyberCyte is considered to be a popular Cloud technology-based security platform designed for DNS filtering. The tool also helps leverage cyber-threat intelligence systems and machine learning, thereby blocking effectively threats. AI is used to manage all DNS requests while harmful requests are redirected to deep sinkhole IPs.


Webroot dns filtering

This tool provides in-depth knowledge about your web usage. Moreover, it helps prevent attacks on your DNS network. You will be able to enforce strict net usage policies thus reducing security risks. It is easy to deploy and comprehensive reports on threats.

Importance to your business

The fact is DNS Filtering Solutions are vital to your business. Hence, you need to adopt the best one that comes with features to match your business requirements.

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