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Top 7 Modern HRIS Software to Streamline HR Tasks for SMB

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Workflow Automation is essential to enhance business operations. No organization, be it small, medium or big can remain aloof from implementing modern technology, especially in today’s digital world. As an entrepreneur, you have to manage payroll, track employee information or plan benefits package. Fortunately, ‘hr information system’ or ‘HRIs’ is a valuable tool that small businesses can use to optimize their complex HR processes. A variety of solutions are offered to choose from. Some assure to combine HR processes with diverse useful capabilities. But remember, not all solutions offered are the same.

Top 7 HRIS Software

1. BambooHR:


Organizations using this tool can analyze, store, gather and access people’s information and data easily. HRIS database records can be managed effortlessly. Users can also streamline and organize their HR procedures to ensure optimized people management. Being a scalable solution, it accommodates easily growing business needs. HR resources can be allocated in an optimized manner. It offers robust online HRIS customer support and database training, including informative webinars and custom training sessions. It can be customized to match unique needs.

2. Zoho People:

Zoho people

This solution helps simplify people management process to increase efficiency. Its automation features helps with employee leave management, onboarding, record management, etc. It can be customized to help design an ideal system to match HRIS needs. It can manage productivity while admins can streamline organizational process. Using employee self-service portals, information management can be accessed by employees. Such Cloud-based Solutions enable drag-and-drop workflow customization enabling optimized workflows. E-signature abilities allow users to manage their documents securely.

3. Gusto:


If offers resources targeting HR department needs of small and large businesses. It helps streamline people management. Key insights can be gained by users about their businesses. It allows transformation of HR data to customizable reports. Business leaders can use employee-centric features like anonymous team surveys and employee feedback to enhance employee welfare activities. Surveys and Employee Engagement tools help leaders to empower their workforce.

4. Namely:


Mid-sized and small businesses can benefit from Employee Engagement It offers features for recruitment, HR analytics, performance management, and onboarding. Thus, people management process and HR can be optimized. Pay & benefits administration helps monitor employee work hours, enabling accurate payment processing. Organizations using its compliance tools can prevent costly people-centric risks. It is easy to use this integrated platform through mobile app. Users get access to dedicated Help Community and service pod to derive support.

5. Rippling:


It offers essential Workflow Automation tools to increase workforce efficiency. From HR Cloud, you may choose essential add-on options to gain features that can help streamline vital processes. It includes timekeeping, payroll, applicant tracking, benefits administration compliance, reporting, learning management, etc. Businesses may choose people operations desired to be managed. It offers robust applicant monitoring tools, messaging templates, custom hiring reports and job board integrations.

6. TriNet Zenefits:

Trinet zenefits

This all-in-one HR software helps small organizations with their HR tasks and people management. It offers variety of features for whole employee lifecycle ranging from new hire onboarding to record-keeping and compliance. Vital information can be managed securely like organizational charts, company directories, etc. Its updated business intelligence reporting allows leaders to derive in-depth understanding of their employees.

7. ADP:


It can implement like HRIS software solution. It supports numerous human capital management aspects like benefits administration and payroll, talent management, etc. It offers several HRIS Cloud-based Solutions with features for onboarding, hiring, HR compliance management and hiring. Its open architecture enables third-party tool integration. Users may access, view print and customize HR and payroll reports.

Select the best HRIS system

Choosing the most appropriate HRIS Software suited to your business needs will enhance your organizational work efficiency.

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