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Top 5 Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

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These days, people can be found to be using more Android mobile devices than desktops and laptops. This number only seems to be increasing with time. According to industry experts, global smartphone usage by 2025 is expected to reach %. However, the current pandemic situation and prolonged lockdown only seems to have speeding up the process. Hence, to enhance your business prospects, you need to come up with viable mobile marketing strategies. If you are planning it for the first time, then you need to know the types to sue and where to start.

5 Mobile marketing strategies to implement to achieve success in business

1. Mobile Apps

Researches have identified that apps consume about 80 percent of mobile time. Apps can be used to promote your business through advertising. For this, you can either create your own app or use an existing popular app for advertisement purposes. Developing an app exclusively for your business allows your customer to shop your offered products/services easily, effortlessly and quickly. Notify users about promotions, discount sales and voucher codes. Also use push notifications to reach your niche audience anywhere and anytime. Smartphone users presently use about 9 apps in a day. Hence, promoting your business through self-developed app is an excellent idea.

2. Mobile sites

It is necessary for your website to be mobile-friendly and well-optimized to reach a large consumer base. This is the latest trend and not following it will mean, you will be left far behind by your competitors. Unfortunately, many small businesses are not aware of the growing importance of chafing a mobile-friendly site. Moreover, Google favors mostly mobile-optimized sites. This means, your site will simply eliminate from mobile search. Slow loading site will not be favored by information seekers and prospective shoppers. 43% users are not likely to return to your slow-loading site. Moreover, 40% will avail competitor sites to complete their transactions. Hence, user experience should be kept top priority.

Mobile marketing strategies

3. Shopping on different popular social media platforms

People these days, can be found to linger more on different social media platforms. Some platforms allow users to browse through products and even make purchases without having to go elsewhere. Thus, shopping has become interesting, quick, fun-filled and easy. 30% of users ranging between ages 18 and 34 purchase something or the other on social media. Some platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are trying to offer users with in-app purchase options without having to visit 3rd party sites.

4. In-Game Advertising

About 43% of mobile time is spent playing different types of games. Marketers try to take full advantage of this particular aspect and hence place in-game advertisements. Ads pop up while playing games. It can help increase your customer base and revenue quickly. But for some gamers, ads popping up between games can be quite annoying. Ads might also come with opposite effect like banner blindness. Still, you can try to develop a fresh, unique and captivating advertisement.

5. SMS Marketing

Major brands implemented text messaging campaigns from 2008 onwards. One such popular campaign back then was the Times Square billboard promoted by Nike. SMS marketing strategy still provides effective results. People are likely to open and view your messages with open rates being about 98%. About 50% of companies avoid using this marketing strategy, thereby increasing your revenue opportunities. But remember to get permission from your potential customers before sending them ad messages on their mobile phones. Respect their privacy and government regulations. Avoid spamming to avoid getting blacklisted by the telecom department. You may also check if the numbers you have are still valid using this phone validator tool from Messente so you can always keep your database updated.

You can implement the above mobile marketing strategies to enhance your business growth prospects.



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