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Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Sales

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According to industry experts, eCommerce retail sales are likely to touch $6.54 trillion! But to derive a share of it, businesses are required to come up with the best marketing strategies to increase sales. Only then will it be able to withstand competition against other brands and stand out in the market.

About eCommerce Marketing

It is considered to be the procedure to promote online sore through different marketing channels. However, goals are likely to differ based on the sales funnel stage your audience is kept. Developing an eCommerce marketing strategy will be crucial for the following reasons:

  • Educate consumers on the launch of a new product
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Increase prospect numbers
  • Drive traffic
  • Boost sales numbers
  • Convert more leads, etc.

Ecommerce marketing tips to implement to enhance sales in 2021

1. Retargeting:

Retargeting is a ecommerce marketing strategy

It is a highly effective and result-oriented marketing tactic to implement. Researches conducted shows that about 69.58% of web shopping carts are abandoned. There could be several reasons for consumers to not complete their purchases. Be it shipping cost or high price, retargeting is regarded to be among the top strategies. Implementing it will compel your lead to visit your store again to complete the purchase. It is a simple strategy involving running retargeting advertisements on diverse platforms. AI helps to understand what your prospects prefer to buy.

2. Unique, high-quality content:

This is crucial for lead generation and increasing online sales. It helps provide potential clients with valuable knowledge about your services/products as well as generate brand awareness. You can share unique, high-quality blog posts, infographics, videos, images, etc. on different platforms. This will compel your prospects to engage with your brand. It also helps generate a meaningful relationship, thereby increasing significant traffic. Offer your leads with practical solutions to their problems, questions and useful guides. Do the following:

    • Distribute content on different channels
    • Incorporate visuals
    • Emphasize user-experience
    • Use target market’s language
    • Consider audience needs
    • Plan the content type to create

3. Social Media:

Social media marketing

To achieve sure success, your eCommerce marketing strategy should involve Social Media. 65% of Facebook users tend to follow or like a brand on this platform. Social media marketing is an effective tool. There are numerous channels like Instagram and Facebook that allow linking to particular pages and target specific audiences. Using proper strategies helps attract potential customers to your web store. It also generates higher site traffic, increasing conversions for free. You should make sure to:

    • Learn about your audience
    • Select the most appropriate platforms for brand promotion
    • Keep a tab on your competitors

4. Personalize emails:

49% of users prefer receiving promotional materials from retail brands through emails every week. This is one of the effective strategies to reach the target market and increase online sales. Consumers enjoy getting fresh content special offers, promotional emails, discounts and sales from their favorite brands. But it should be personalized to be more effective. For every $1 invested in such marketing strategies, you are likely to get an ROI of $42 average. You need to:

    • Create an email list
    • Determine content types to send
    • Use automation
    • Incorporate personalization
    • Analyze results

5. Affiliate Programs:

This is one of the powerful and cost-effective eCommerce marketing tips that can help increase brand awareness and sales. It also helps reach your potential customers much faster and distribute brand messages across a wider audience. It is performance-based. This means you have to pay affiliate partners only for what has been delivered. Hire influential affiliates to promote your services/products through diverse platforms. Make sure to:

    • Promote superior-quality products
    • Avoid overusing links in emails
    • Provide your audience with value
    • Be helpful
    • Create a meaningful relationship and not just sell
    • Offer value to users

Following the above marketing strategies to increase sales will enable your eCommerce business to enjoy huge profits in 2021 and beyond.

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