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Top 15 Finance Business Ideas for Beginners in 2022

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There are different types of business organizations that operate across the globe. You may perhaps be an accounting professional, chartered accountant or a financial expert and eager to start a new business. There are several finance related business ideas that you can check into that suits beginners. These will also require small investment.

15 Finance Business you may try this 2022 as a beginner

1. Angel Investment Company:

It is a popular idea to start a finance business. Become angle investor by investing own money. Otherwise, initiate angel investor community. For startups, it acts as dedicated investment platform.

2. Launch Personal Finance Blog:

Several successful finance bloggers have managed to make good money by providing vital information to their online visitors. You just need to have some flair to write finance related topics.

3. Bureau De Change:

It requires small investment and offers good profits. Every country’s currency is different. Currency will have to be changed by travelers when visiting international locations. You need proper licensing to start this business.

4. Audit firm:

Audit firm finance business ideas

Professionals auditors with proper certification and experience can start this profitable business. Yearly auditing is mandatory for all big and small businesses. To get clients, you require proper marketing and networking. Also provide value-added services such as cost accounting, internal audits, etc.

5. Business Subsidy and Grant Consulting:

Different business types can avail government-based finance capital in grant and subsidy form from different agencies. You can assist small entrepreneurs with their paperwork and help them get subsidy.

6. Sales Broking:

Your responsibility is to assist customers to sell/buy businesses. Also, you are to prepare business valuation meant for fair-market pricing, marketing, listing for sale, qualifying potential buyers, answering questions, showing the business, etc.

7. Collection Agency:

Besides P2P Payment solutions, you can consider starting a collection agency. Your task is to collect payments. This will be on behalf of your client for which you get good payments.

8. Forex Trading:

Since it is a risky venture, you need good experience and domain knowledge. It can even be started from your home. It requires less investment and you get to make a good amount of money.

9. Debt Collection Agency:

It is indeed a profitable business that can be started from home. You can work with financial institutions or business organizations to collect outstanding debts from their clients.

10. Freelance Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping finance business

It requires small finance capital to start this business. The fact is every organization, be it big or small does require business accounting. Proper accounting is an absolute must to ensure successful operation.

11. Franchise Consulting:

It involves less investment and allows you to work in two different ways. Either work for the franchise seeking clients. Otherwise you can advise clients on the right franchise to select based on investment capacity, experience and location. But this business will require in-depth knowledge and good network.

12. Gold Loan Company:

It is considered as highly secured loan and can help derive instant cash to those with some gold. Do remember to understand your state law.

13. Fundraising Consulting:

Companies do seek fundraising opportunities throughout their business cycle. You need to evaluate their balance sheet, prepare proposed return projections, find out available options to raise funds, etc.

14. Insurance Agency:

Apart from P2P Payment solutions, insurance agency is quite a lucrative business. It requires zero investment, but good networking skills to achieve sure success. You may sell auto insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and life insurance.

To help you keep up with the current market trend, consider building an insurance agency website to quickly reach a wider audience, provide better service, and allow you to increase sales rapidly. Additionally, it can provide an improved user experience and help increase customer loyalty.

15. Mutual Fund Investment Advisor:

Your responsibility will be to invest carefully your clients’ money to generate profits. This will be based on investment tenor and amount.

You can come across plenty of Finance Business options to choose from. The right choice will help to achieve success quickly.

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