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Top 10 Tools to Create Great Presentations Online in 2023

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Presentations allow sharing an idea, explaining a concept, and convincing the audience with supporting graphics and text. Demonstrating your work to superiors involve pitching a service or product, and is an invaluable skill.

Top 10 Tools to Create Presentations Online

1. Genially

Genially great presentations

Genially is a tool to help in creating interactive infographics. It helps convey in a better way your content. This online software is good to create beautiful reports, dossiers, proposals, and marketing designs. Creating presentations or stunning content, Genially, is free, and for premium resources, it includes per-month charges.

2. Pear Deck

Pear deck great presentations

Pear Deck is a team tool dedicated to promoting educational outcomes for learners. It operates as an add-on to PowerPoint or Google Slides while transforming static presentation tools into interactive, dynamic educational experiences. This tool is ideal for research showing 2D designs and has emotional, social, and academic components to support platform and research-based strategies.

3. Visme

Visme great presentations

Visme creates engaging presentations and provides over 900 slide layouts, images, graphics, icons, and charts in dozens. It is suitable for employee onboarding with different technical skills. It has customizable text, icons, photos, blocks, slides, data visualization, etc building creative and fantastic presentations. Incorporating live websites, social media, pop-ups, and animation effects is an additional feature.

4. Screencastify Submit

Screencastify submit great presentations

Screencastify Submit facilitates teachers in creating assignments and presentations for students. It allows easy recording of video assignments on devices. It is a wonderful way of giving practice for live presentations. Students can acquire the skills and confidence to present and talk on camera. Screencastify is the educator’s and students’ top Google Chrome extension featuring integrations in plenty.

5. Zoho Show

Zoho show great presentations

From business proposals to sales presentations and startup pitch decks, Zoho covers everything. It has pre-loaded templates offering a collaborative workspace. The cloud-based technology tools allow controlling presentation using mobile phones and smartwatches while broadcasting on smart TVs. Use features such as presenter view and custom slideshows and deliver powerful presentations. Start by signing up for free.

6. Miro

Miro great presentations

Miro is a tool designed for visual collaboration that is valuable for classrooms. Teachers and students use this tool for brainstorming, idea mapping, diagrams, or creating workflows, besides other presentation and visual collaboration requirements. Miro has integrations to suit all business top apps. They are useful in education, such as Microsoft Teams integration, Google Drive, and Zoom.

7. Renderforest

Renderforest great presentations

Preparing slides using a tool is beneficial, and Renderforest ensures making your journey beautiful for viewers. It has presentation slides and design elements to make a perfect match for the project. Renderforest provides editing tools, ready templates, and stock photos in thousands, and more. It offers up to videos for 1 minute or 300MB for free.

8. Sutori

Sutori great presentations

Sutori is a simple tool facilitating the creation of roadmaps and timelines. It is easy for all age’s students. Sutori is appropriate for remote learning and online use. The 2D designs are perfect for linear, time-based lessons, history, or social studies. The company lists cases for Arts, Language, English, and STEM teachers. It is one of the best tools to foster critical thinking and multimedia collaboration.

9. Haiku Deck

Haiku deck haiku deck

Haiku Deck is a cloud-based technology and a slide-based app for presentations. It offers you access to the web. It is in automation with Haiku Deck image search. It analyzes text through the app and it suggests slide designs and photos for the text. It gives users over 40 million images royalty-free access and includes themes designed by professionals in dozens.

10. Google Slides and PowerPoint

Google slides and powerpoint great presentations

Google Slides and PowerPoint are classic apps for slide-building. They help in creating 2D designs and appealing presentations. It creates slideshow content with multiple slide layouts, animations, transitions, and more. This tool assists with screencasting and integrates seamlessly. Google Slides is free, but PowerPoint needs an individual subscription.

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