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Top 10 Office Holiday Party Ideas on a Budget

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With the holiday season already begun, you may be looking for some creative tips to entertain your staff. But you may be short on budget given the current pandemic scenario. Fortunately, there are plenty of budgeted Office Holiday Party Ideas on the web that you can research. Implementing them will allow your employees to know their hard work is noticed by the management and appreciated.

Top Budgeted Office Party Ideas

1. Use available resources:

This also includes your real estate. Generally, office parties are hosted at off-site venues like country clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc. But if you have ample space in your office, then this will be the location and also save some money. With some holiday decorations and beautiful lighting, your office can be transformed into a beautiful place.

2. Affordable holiday events:

There are places where you can spend a day or two without having to spend a fortune. You can also engage an event management professional who will manage smoothly the setup, entertainment, vendors, etc. They have the necessary skills, experience, exposure, equipment and contacts to help you remain within your budget.

3. Party during company time:

Some employees may not be available after work hours. They may have personal work or family to attend to. Small and mid-sized companies can host office parties during working hours. This will allow every employee the opportunity to participate in this party and will appreciate it.

4. Share the space:

It could be that you share your office premises with other businesses. The best Office Party Ideas in such a case will be to throw the party together and share the space. This will benefit everyone concerned and also curtail expenses on entertainment, catering, decorations, etc. It will also develop better relationships with other companies.

5. Photo booth fun:

Setting up the photo booth rental San Francisco is inexpensive and quick. Your employees and guests can have a great time and capture memorable snapshots that can be shared and retained.

6. Interesting theme:

Black-tie parties are a bit expensive. There are plenty of holiday party themes on the web that you can avail of within your budget.

7. Festive Treats:

You can choose to serve desserts to your employees by incorporating bake-off at the office party. You can announce a grand prize for the winner and ask all your employees to bake a favorite treat. Decorate the staging area by using different types of cake stands, candles, tablecloth linens, platters and décor. It is sure to make the party extra special.

Budgeted office party ideas

8. Music:

Be it fancier events or low-key office parties, involving music can make everyone sing and dance. You can ask any employee with some knowledge to enhance the mood of the party. You can save money by streaming music right at the event’s start or end. Choose the right holiday music including vintage holiday classics.

9. Hot cocoa:

A hot mug of cocoa is the best choice for wintertime parties. You can incorporate hot chocolate stations at any party location and make the event delicious. It is also less affordable when compared to alcoholic beverages. Including apple cider or eggnog will only increase party flavors.

10. Games:

Any party is incomplete without games. Keeping in mind the age and gender of your employees, you can introduce a variety of exciting games. This will keep everyone engaged and also enjoy their full. There are game rental companies that offer different types of games at affordable rates.

With so many Office Party Ideas available, you should carefully select the ones that will be beloved by your guests.

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