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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms To Amplify Your Campaigns

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Finding the right people to work with, monitoring campaigns, measuring success (or failure)—these are all important tasks. But that doesn’t mean they have to make big demands on your time. That’s what software is for. In the same way that accounting tools save you time in counting your money, leaving you free to focus on earning it, influencer marketing platforms reduce the time-suck of the administrative tasks that can distract you from reaching your goals.

Here, listed  the top 10 influencer marketing software platforms. If you’re new to the Influencer Marketing world these apps can serve to ease your entry, helping you to build solid campaigns without getting in over your head.

1. Tapinfluence

Founded in 2009 and located in both Denver, CO and Mountain View, CA. TapInfluence is venture-funded and privately held.

TapInfluence is the industry’s leading SaaS platform that empowers consumers to make better purchasing decisions. Through Influencer Marketing Automation, we help brands put authenticity back into their messaging and communications by connecting them with trusted voices in their industry.

Through the application of science and data, our proprietary marketplace provides an efficient way for brands and influencers to scale the creation, management and measurement of online influencer marketing programs and deliver consumers the type of meaningful and relevant content they desire.

2. Speakr


Known as the Super Bowl social quarterbacks and leaders in engagement assists for March Madness, Speakr fuels the most impactful social campaigns with more than 60 top brands leveraging Speakr’s technology and influencer network.

Based in Hollywood, Speakr is one of the leaders and founding companies within the influencer marketing space, and has been marrying technology and social psychographic data with highly creative content for the biggest brands, agencies, and publishers since 2010.

With a full suite of products, Speakr has the only platform, housing over five years of actionable influencer and campaign data, allowing us to predict campaign performance at a near crystal ball level of accuracy, granting advertisers the same control, scalability, and predictability of traditional media buying. With unmatched innovation and award-winning campaign creation, 90% of all Speakr campaigns over deliver to surpass client goals and KPI expectations, and empowering brands to ignite global conversations with the best content creators and most trusted voices online today.

3. Traackr


Traackr builds Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) technology that enables brands and agencies to effectively manage, measure and scale influencer strategies while maintaining authenticity.

Our technology gives CMOs and their teams the ability to align influencers along the customer journey, impacting buying decisions at each moment-of-truth with trustworthy touch points.

Traackr’s SaaS platform powers leading influencer programs for B2B and B2C global enterprises such as L’Oréal, The Coca-Cola Company, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Orange, USAA, Merck, Roche and Capital One.

4. Revfluence


Revfluence is a content platform for brands and agencies powered by hundreds of thousands of creators across social media.

Our software tools empower in-house teams to build large-scale influencer programs to drive meaningful, measurable ROI. Our clients range from e-commerce brands like MeUndies and Dollar Shave Club to worldwide brands like Walgreens and Calvin Klein.

5. NeoReach

NeoReach offers cloud-based software for Fortune 1000 brands and agencies to automate influencer marketing.

Our SaaS platform enables marketing teams to search through 3M+ influencer profiles, analyze their audience demographics, seamlessly manage large-scale campaigns, and measure their ROI. Customers include Wal-Mart, The New York Times, and FanDuel.

With the death of TV and the rise of social media, digital influencers – YouTube stars, tech-bloggers, etc. – are the new tastemakers. Marketers are rapidly shifting their ad dollars into influencer marketing. In 2015, US marketers spent an estimated $1.5 billion on influencer marketing, up 300% from the year before.

However, brands and agencies still run their campaigns with email and spreadsheets, and operate in silos. With NeoReach, brands can automate the tedious manual processes, use demographic and performance data to take better decisions about the influencers they hire, and measure the ROI from their campaigns.

6. Upfluence


Founded in 2013, Upfluence serves over 700 clients worldwide and has offices in Paris, Lyon, New York and Geneva.

Upfluence is the fastest-growing influencer marketing company in the world. Its solutions range from its successful Influence marketplace, Publishr.io, and influencer search engine Facade, to its latest content distribution tool via employees emails, Signr.

7. Famebit

Self-service marketplace where brands and video creators collaborate for branded content that is shared with millions of engaged viewers. FameBit has over 45,000 creators in its influencer network which reach over 3 billion people all over the world. Featured in New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Co, USA Today, CNN, LA Times, and many others.

8. Webfluential


Webfluential is a global Influencer Marketing platform which provides the smartest marketing technology for brands to connect to social influencers.

The platform makes it easy for marketers to create, manage and track campaigns with credible influencers and provides influencers with the tools to market themselves to brands, and monetise their audience.

9. Buzzoole

Buzzoole’s algorithm allows Social Media users to optimize their online presence and discover the topics they are most influential in. Are you a brand or a startup? Brands can easily identify trend setters in their niche market, involve them and generate word of mouth making them proud brand ambassadors!

Connect your social accounts, optimize your online presence, discover what topics you are influential in and be rewarded. Thanks to our amazing algorithm you can optimize your digital activity and get in touch with companies interested in making you test their products, rewarding you with special offers or inviting you to exclusive events.

10. HYPR


HYPR’s mission is to organize all the information in the world about influential social media users and their audience. HYPR’s smart index revolutionizes the way marketers interact with influencers, by allowing them to understand exactly which influencer affects their target audience, on which platform and to what extent.

The HYPR Search Engine is the only platform in the world that provides cross-platform geographic, psychographic and demographic information for over 10 million influencers. HYPR crawls the internet daily, making it easy for brands to reach audiences at scale. Their pride ourselves on putting brands first, by empowering them to lower their costs and increase ROI – for that reason we do not represent influencers.

HYPR clients include over 100 fortune 500 brands and 25 of the biggest advertising and PR agencies in the world.

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