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Top 10 Best Resume Tips and Tricks for Freshers

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It is the dream of every person to get their dream job after the completion of their studies. But freshers do find it quite a challenging task to cross the interview process. This is because of a lack of experience and knowledge to come up with a good resume. Fortunately, there are present some tips to come up with a solid cv for freshers. Employers use resumes during the hiring process. It allows them to know more about the applicants, their backgrounds, education skills and abilities. Hence, the resume should be created with the help of resume writers to summarise your skills, accomplishments as well as highlight relevant experience.

10 best resume tips and tricks to follow

Some resume styles are commonly used. However, your resume should be something unique. It should better reflect your relevant skills, experience and education. Consider multiple versions customized to the type of job you plan to apply for.

Resume styles

  • Review resume examples related to your industry: Go through resume samples for your specific industry to know the best practices and for inspiration. It can be used in various ways:
    • Include numbers
    • Make it to the point
    • Make it easy to read and simple
  • Identify keywords in job postings: First, go through the job postings thoroughly especially those that interest you. Follow keywords for each job description to know what type of candidate the employer is seeking. Insert such keywords in the resume wherever relevant.
  • Include relevant information only and place vital information first: Try to keep your CV quite brief. But do not leave out the main information, especially those related to educational or extensive work experience. Hiring managers do not seem to be interested to spend their precious time scanning cv for freshers They spend just six seconds per resume. Irrelevant and old information will only distract crucial information.
  • Professional font: Your resume should be easy to read and clear as possible. Use clean, basic fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Moreover, the font size should be around 10-12 points. Eliminate unwanted white space as it can raise a red flag.
  • Highlight important achievements: The experience section should highlight the top 3-4 important achievements you have enjoyed in each role. Include numbers wherever possible to measure your success concerning the particular achievement or goal. Include separate ‘Skills’ or ‘Achievements’ sections to showcase achievements in your career, education, volunteer work, etc.
  • Active language: Use active language only to write your resume but without irrelevant words. Use powerful words like ‘accomplished’, ‘completed’, ‘earned’, ‘achieved’, etc. Consider concise sentences to avoid a hard-to-read or too-long resume.
  • Proper margins: For all sides, use 1” margin size leaving single spaces in-between the lines. For excess white spaces, consider creating 1.5 x 1.5 spaces. Increase margins, but below 2” to fill up your resume.
  • Include only desired sections and subheadings: Whether you developing your resume or using a template, you can avoid some recommended sections. You will require a resume objective or summary, but not both. You can replace the experience section with academic achievements, relevant coursework, extracurricular projects or internships. Also, use bullet points.
  • Proofread & Edit: Once your resume is done, proofread it several times to ensure it is devoid of grammar and spelling mistakes. You can use different web-based proofreading tools or ask your friends to review them.
  • Determine whether to create a unique resume to apply for different jobs: Make sure that the resume is legible enough to be noticed by the potential employer. It should demonstrate fully your qualifications and experience.

The fact it is your resume that is first noticed by the potential employer. It should create that magical first impression so that you will be called for the next round. This will enable you to showcase your talent and skills. Hence, getting to know the best resume tips and tricks will help you get that dream job.

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