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Top 10 Best Meeting Scheduler Apps in 2021

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Are you looking for cost-effective work scheduling apps? It is time you rely on scheduler apps. It is best than juggling with managers’ calendars. Regardless of your position and work scheduling app, you can have your work schedule. Get the best meeting scheduler, it saves money and time.

Best meeting scheduler apps in 2021

1. When I Work

When i work best meeting scheduler app

When I Work is an easy-to-use and simple app. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. There is a free version including shift trading, group scheduling, time off, and messaging. It supports requests for up to 75 users. It is an applicant finder and a time tracker. The pro package When I Work includes all cheaper version features. It includes online scheduling tools such as task lists, auto-scheduling, document storage, shift bidding and labor reports.

2. Sprintful


Sprintful is a flexible scheduling app that comes fully integrated with all the mainstream third-party systems in use today, including Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack and more. The wide range of features and scalable options available at affordable rates make Sprintful a formidable scheduling software. You can get invitee engagement reports, book one-on-one or group meetings, and block booking days per your need.

3. Calendly

Calendly meeting scheduler app

Calendly’s work scheduling app aims at business clients. Calendly’s is the best meeting scheduler that is a free app. It includes one event type, one online Calendly link, automated event notifications, unlimited scheduled events, and integrations with Office 365, Google Calendar, Intercom, iCloud, and Outlook.  Its premium package allows per user of two online calendars. The pro package includes 6 online calendars/user, Google Analytics, PayPal, SMS notifications, and lots more.

4. Connecteam

Connecteam work scheduling app

Connecteam is not just a work scheduling app. It is a platform that includes communication tools, reports and checklists, a time card app, a resource center, and employee training. Connecteam has enhanced security, multiple time clocks, API, 2FA, geo-location-based reminders, smart locks, and automatic clocking in and out.

5. Shiftboard

Shiftboard employee scheduling tool

Shiftboard is appropriate for large enterprises. It has employee scheduling tool. It is one of the online scheduling tools. It includes multiple languages, mobile apps, email alerts, texting, news board. Shiftboard includes onboarding and applicant tracking, detailed analytics, multiple communication options, time tracker app, and lots more.

6. Sling

Sling best meeting scheduler app

Sling is a popular schedule maker. It is a multi-use app that includes task management, team messaging, labor cost optimization, time tracking, news sharing, and reporting. Sling offers customizable products and ensures the convenience of schedule making. It includes nonprofits, retail, healthcare services, and call centers. Choosing Sling helps to upgrade timesheets, geofencing, automatic clock-out and in, shift templates, labor cost management, group messaging, and Google Calendar synchronization.

7. ScheduleOnce

Scheduleonce best meeting scheduler app

ScheduleOnce is a robust solution and an industry leader. This app is helpful for a large team or to work alone.ScheduleOncecreates multiple users and multiple calendars. ScheduleOnce has embeddable widgets to keep the scheduler inside your website. It fits various business needs and is suitable for anyone.

8. Acuity

Acuity best meeting scheduler app

Acuity is the best meeting scheduler. It is very similar to ScheduleOnce. It integrates with Email Marketing Platforms, CRMs, accounting software and Analytics tools. It comes with free trial of 14-day. They offer free solo account for the benefit of integrations.

9. X.ai

X ai best meeting scheduler app

X.ai is an app for early AI adopters. It is a solution that you can use after setting up an account. It is a scheduler type that feels personal. X.ai integrates with Office 365, Google, and Outlook. You can get a free trial.

10. YouCanBook.me

Youcanbook. Me best meeting scheduler app

YouCanBook.me is a competitive solution for online scheduling meetings. You can manage the entire teams’ calendars, integrate with your calendar, and configure booking forms. It is the online scheduling tool that controls the appearance and branding of their features. It is worth a try and look.

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