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Top 10 Best Free Email Accounts and Service Providers

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Email, short for electronic mail, is the most widely used feature of the internet. Emails have become a necessity in this technological world as businesses and their employees require it for networking, transferring files, downloading files, and setting reminders, communicating with colleagues, business partners, and much more. Not only businesses but the education sector also mostly runs on emails nowadays. For these reasons, free email accounts and service providers are the most important in everyday life now. Now, have a look at the top 10 best free email accounts and service providers:

Most Famous Free Email Service Providers (ESP) List

1. Gmail – Google Mail

Gmail email service providers

It is a type of webmail that is loaded with versatile features. Gmail has the second-highest email-provider market share. The interface of the Gmail is user-friendly, which has encouraged the young and old to use it for sending files, downloading different formats of files, and other reasons.

Gmail has a great many interactive features that allow you to video-conference chat as well as use other free products offered by Gmail.

2. AOL– America Online

Aol email service provider

It is also webmail that has paced up for providing the excellent today’s standards user experience (UX). The classic AOL has been transformed into the most protective and defensive. The platform is designed with spam filters and virus protection.

3. Outlook– Upgraded, Latest, and Free

Outlook email service provider

Microsoft has finally invented the free email service, which also offers many progressive features to you. Though it is similar to the Gmail, its outstanding feature distinguishes it from all free email service providers. Its unique feature is that it can integrate with other popular communication apps such as Facebook, PayPal, PowerPoint, Skype, etc.

4. Zoho – Suitable for the Businesses

Zoho email service provider

Though it is first of the few lesser-known free emails listed here, it offers a lot of benefits to the businesses and startups. Zoho integrates with the cloud-based file managers such as Box, Google Drive, etc. The real difference-maker is that it allows you to customize the domain up to free 25 connected email addresses.

5. Mail.Com

Mail. Com email service provider

It is one of the best free email accounts and service providers on this list. It is the most suitable for small businesses, self-employed people, and freelancers. Though Mail.Com does not feature the stellar storage, it makes up for it by providing the 200 custom domain names feature.

6. Yahoo! Mail 

Yahoo mail email service provider

It is a well-renowned platform, which is suitable for the creative and business-minded people who send and receive the emails frequently. Users can find the attachments and send media through the mail with super convenience. This makes the website appealing to the users who transfer and share files on a daily basis.

7. ProtonMail – The Secret and Encrypted Email

Protonmail business email hosting

It is the best secure email services providers for people who send sensitive information through email. On the ProtonMail, users can send email that nobody can read that will be automatically deleted within a month. Its user-friendly interface allows the user to arrange and organize emails with great care and protection.

8. iCloud Mail

Icloud mail business email hosting

It is one of the best free email accounts and service providers for Mac users. iCloud allows you to organize everything on one system. It offers 5GB storage that can be used to free up space on your iPhone or other Apple devices.

9. GMX Mail

Gmx mail business email hosting

Though lesser-known, the GMX mail has been around since 1997. The platform offers the 65GB storage, which is sufficient for keeping half a million messages on the email. It is great for the people who send large attachments through email.

10. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla thunderbird business email hosting

It is a type of email client, which allows you to open different emails in different tabs. It offers a quick email setup and an easy-to-use interface. The email also offers customization features such as app extensions and theme settings.


These are indeed the best free email accounts and service providers, which offer users premium-quality features and benefits to the users.

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