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Tommy Shek – How Is Technology Bringing Change In Education System?

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Technological advancements are making a major difference in the education system. The prime example of this phenomenon is Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It is one of the more recent technologies, which have shown great potential to shape how we learn and teach in the future.

The old concept of books is snow replaced by kindles, and blackboards are replaced with touch-screen multi-feature projector boards. With VR and projectors in the market, it has become easier to understand even the most difficult topics. Take a look at how technology-driven education is proving a boon for everyone.

Higher Understanding of Concepts with VR

VR offers a ‘ground-breaking’ experience for students and teachers by creating improved environments within classrooms. Now everyone can explore, experiment, and learn science while also accessing the lectures from popular public figures in virtual reality. However, experts in the technical field like Tommy Shek predict that the best technological advancement is yet to come in the future.

Higher understanding of concepts with vr technology

The best part is that you can also use your hands, which is not possible with video-based learning. This technology has opened new doors to redefine the most popular and traditional teaching and learning methods.

Improving Communication Skills

Today, in the world of ‘speed’ and ‘fast’ everything, communication plays a vital role in affecting decision-making. The skills developed by this Virtual Reality Technology will help students prepare themselves for the future world, where they will have to be more efficient and effective communicators than ever before.

The same technology will also help in formulating better communication skills for teachers. The touch-enabled interfaces and motion tracking sensors provide a unique opportunity for educators to hone their teaching methods and improve how they communicate with students.

Better Depth of Learning Says Tommy Skek

The education system demands more than just bookish knowledge. It demands the students to be resources of information, research, and references on different subjects. The most exciting part is that with Virtual Reality Technology, students can now explore more than just learn using books!

Rather, they can explore 3D models, real-life objects, events, and scenarios that were previously impossible without going there in person. They can create their world with the help of VR technology, which will help them learn better.

Collaborating At An Ease

There is no denying that Virtual Reality offers a unique opportunity to collaborate, which was not possible in traditional classrooms. The teachers can remotely create a virtual environment for their students and solve critical real-time problems via teamwork. In addition, students learn and cooperate more in the Virtual Reality environment since virtual objects, scenarios, and models surround them.

Better Engagement

VR-based environments have helped people be more engaged in learning than ever before. The sensors and motion trackers make everything interactive, virtual, and interactive. In addition, the internet of things (IoT) has paved its path to be the new way to interact with devices.

The students can now learn better, interact more, and investigate more because VR technology gives them an immersive experience that allows them to explore much more than possible in a traditional classroom.

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