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Three Unusual Ways to Hire Sales Reps

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Having a great sales rep in your team is immeasurable – these people are able not only to represent your company in front of the world in the best way possible, but also make a considerable change for the better in your future. They are a vital part of your brand and someone whose job is to always search for new ways to make your company more successful. However, finding such a person isn’t easy at all as they don’t grow on trees and you need to look long and hard before hiring a perfect sales rep. Here are three unconventional ways that might help you do so.

1. Personal recommendation

In today’s world, advanced computer technology seems to be taking over all aspects of our lives, both private and personal, which is why more and more business experts are hired based on algorithms and calculations. If, however, you decide to trust someone’s personal recommendation instead, you might be surprised with the results.

The word of mouth is more powerful than you could’ve imagined and all you need to do is advertise your need for a reliable sales rep appropriately. You can opt for employee referrals – although they have their ups and downs – and talk to your clients, customers, suppliers and partners who might know just the person for you.

2. Social media

If you aren’t a fan of personal recommendations, you can always turn to the aforementioned technology that could prove to be rather useful when it comes to finding suitable candidates for a new sales rep. By using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and, surprisingly, even Instagram, you can reach a huge number of people, but advertising on LinkedIn is an even better idea.

Posting your ad there will get you attention from people who are already looking for jobs in your area and your company’s line of work, so you can narrow the search quite easily. Moreover, this platform allows you to browse through potential candidates’ resumes and see their education, qualifications, experience, skills and other essential data you need when hiring someone. Finally, LinkedIn will direct you towards other prospective candidates and you’ll surely find the right person in no time.

3. Recruitment experts

The third idea you might take into consideration is easier than the previous two and could even be more efficient. When talking to people who might know a great sales rep or searching for them online, you have to do the biggest portion of the work yourself and invest your own time, money and energy, but in this case, you don’t. If you decide to rely on the services provided by specialized recruitment agencies, you’ll just have to define what kind of employee you’re looking for and your job will be basically done!

Entrusting the entire hiring process to another person might seem unusual at first, but it’s actually the easiest and most effective way to go. Recruitment agencies can easily connect you to the best candidates as they usually already have a large portfolio of available clients who are just waiting for an opportunity to work for you. They are also familiar with the needs of the market and can predict who’ll suit your needs the most. So, if you too are looking for reliable candidates right now, don’t hesitate to look into the options provided by trustworthy agencies for sales recruitment from Sydney.

Some of the other offbeat ways to find great sales rep include placing want ads in specialized business magazines, looking into sales rep that worked for your competition or even training one of your current employees to do the job instead of hiring someone new.

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