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Three Factors in an Office Environment That affects Productivity

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It is very difficult to predict human behavior. And if you are among hundreds of different personalities, the situation gets tougher. In an office environment, it is important for the organization to create an ambiance that encourages productivity. The right kind of environment can boost the overall productivity of your team and company. It will ensure that everyone stays organized, motivated, and efficient. This is why companies invest thousands of dollars in improving the overall office environment for their employees.

Research reveals that the office environment can share work and also your deposition. A poorly designed office can change your mood immediately. With this being said, here are a few pointers on how to design a good office environment that shouts productivity everywhere.

#1 Lighting

Lighting office environment

First things first, how bright is your office? Do you allow natural light to enter the building? It is important to have bright, natural light inside the office. When employees are exposed to natural light, they tend to feel relaxed and happier. A bright light has the power to get rid of depression and anxiety. Additionally, the right kind of lighting will prevent the risk of computer vision syndrome.

Tip: When you design an office space (or choose an existing building), ensure that it has many big windows. Try to avoid buildings with blue-tinted glasses. Your team needs natural light to stay productive all the time.

#2 Noise

Office space noise

Sometimes, you will need to pin-drop silence. And there will be times when you need some noise. Total silence doesn’t encourage productivity. Likewise, too much noise can distract you easily. This is why ambient noise should be planned wisely. When there is absolute silence, the overall productivity of employees can drop by 66%.

The office space should not have distracting noises like public announcements, bus honks, and squeaky trolleys. Employees will need a considerable amount of privacy when they want to work on tough, complicated projects.

Tip: When you think of ambiance noise, ensure that it is mild and consistent. It should not be too loud and annoying.

#3 Air Quality

Moving on, you must invest lots of time and effort in analyzing the environment’s air quality. The quality of air can be poor, and this can go unnoticed. Unfortunately, it will have a silent, negative impact on the productivity of employees.

Tip: Engage in frequent air quality checks. Always make sure that the office space boasts high-quality air.

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