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Three Common Mistakes Every Edtech Startup Marketing Team Does

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Marketers are always expected to find a balance between innovation and practice! If you decide to stick to practices from your old playbook, your organization might be forgotten. This is why you should upgrade and venture into newer techniques all the time. Make use of strategic frameworks that can help you build a stronger marketing philosophy for your company. This is extremely important if you are working for a startup company.

In this article, we will focus on the marketing mistakes many startups in education technology (edtech) make.

Edtech companies

Defining the Wrong Sales Methods

First things first, it is important for edtech companies to identify an appropriate sales process. However, a lot of marketers tend to follow standard protocols instead of performing a market study. When you are into education technology, the demands of your stakeholders will be different. Without a thorough market study, you will fail to impress all your customers. The ecosystem in which your business functions will decide what your consumer spaces are. And, the needs of parents and students are never consistent. This is why you should engage in proper market research before putting forward a sales funnel.

Not identifying the influential stakeholders

As mentioned previously, the success of an edtech startup depends on the psychographic and demographic profile of its users. If your solution is going to be sold to teachers and parents, you must stick to a B2C model. However, the model has to be modified with great care. Most of the time, both teachers and parents are likely to be influenced by emotional factors like input from their colleagues, and brand reputation. If you want to sell your edtech product successfully, you should understand how these stakeholders evaluate your business. Remember, the edtech world is completely different from traditional sales protocols. The success of your company depends only on how you adopt to the needs of teachers, parents, schools and students.

Tip: To build a successful edtech startup, you must establish trust amongst your stakeholders. Connect with teachers and parents with factors like privacy, trust and confidentiality.

Branding gone wrong!

Edtech branding

Edtech or not, every business needs branding in place. And, branding is never easy. It is important to stick to the right tone in your vision and mission statements. When you talk to your potential stakeholders, you should highlight on the right reasons to buy your product or service.

Tip: Always accept the fact that you cannot become a leader without expertise or credible research effort.


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