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The Top 15 Relationship Goals Everyone Should Have – Here’s What Jonah Engler Says

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In a fast-paced modern world, on one hand when technology is helping to bridge the gap between people across continents, there is a widening of the gap is personal relationships that is very often breaking people apart. As Jonah Engler rightly puts it, a divorce can not only ruin relationships and destroy sentiments, it has legal and financial fallouts too that can become a liability for both people. Financial fallouts maybe easier to overcome with some time but the emotional or sentimental fallouts may last a lifetime. It becomes a state of mind that is difficult to cope up with just like a failed marriage or relationship.

Relationship Goals

  1. When it comes to ending a long-term relationship or a marriage, things are never easy. But when two adult people decide to part ways they can do the same amicably and stay friends for life. As friends they may learn to understand and respect each other much more than lovers.
  2. As Jonah Engler rightly says that when it comes to matters of marital divorce, decisions should never be taken in haste or at a moment of emotional fury. Chances are that you may rue your decision later and things may no longer be in your control. Disagreements and fights are common in every relationship and should never be the basis of any decision making like a divorce. Decision to separate from one another should be made level headedly and in complete agreement of one another.
  3. Love is the central nerve of all relationships but is most certainly not the only one that holds it together. There are many other elements that makes the relationship work; two among them is trust and respect. Respect for the other person and trust in them at all times is the most important facet of a relationship that will never shake the love two people have for one another.
  4. While trust forms an important element to keep, it is also important to live up to the trust your partner has for you. One person’s trust is easily broken or even won; what remains difficult is how that trust is maintained throughout a lifetime. Once broken it may never be revived so care should be taken to leave it pristine at all times.
  5. Communication is often the underlying key to a healthy and robust relationship. It is often not taken seriously and thought of in a casual manner. But a healthy flow of communication between two people is needed to be a part of each other’s life in the truest sense of the term. There are instances when you have no idea of the troubles your husband or partner is going through which their best friend knows. Since you do not show keenness or interest to know the other person thinks its best to not tell you about it.

Robust relationship

6. According to CTN News, taking each other and the presence of the other person for granted is a huge mistake which is commonly made. Do not make the mistake of thinking it’s a habitual thing because it may change tomorrow and you may be alone and not know why. Making it a point to participate in each other’s life on a daily basis is vital for a relationship to retain its freshness and liveliness.

7. Intimacy and romance are the essence of every love relationship. Marriage does not change or alter its importance in life. Couples who live together for years often forget the need to show their love for one another. It creates an invisible distance that may be hard to overcome after a point of time. small gestures can go a long way to showing love for one another.

8. The past two years of the pandemic scare, loss of jobs and business prospects, loss of earnings and the fear of losing lives may all take a test on your personal relationships. It is important to stay together through difficult times and be there for one another.

9. Being patient with your partner and trying to understand the stress they may be going through is vital. Try meditation if that makes you more stable and encourage in more group activities with your wife or partner. It helps to create a bond of togetherness even through difficult times.

10. It is a well-known fact that a healthy body is a great home to aa healthy and positive mind. Physical activities, exercises like yoga, walking, jogging or even a swimming session can be a great ay to maintain body fitness and keep away stress from ruining your personal lives.

11. Taking the time out for each other is an important step to maintaining healthy relationships. You may not get a lot of it on a daily basis so make plans for the weekends. Take a small trip to a romantic destination or plan any activity that keeps you both together in it. It helps to maintain that flow of togetherness that is often broken due to separate work lives.

12. If you have small children at home make sure to not fight in front of them. Not only are you ruining your relationship with your spouse but even that with the children. Children have tender minds and these altercations at home affects them adversely that can have repercussions in their own relationships as well.

13. Your work life is important but no more than your life itself. Maintaining a happy balance between work and personal life is often the key. Many people who bring home their work files often end up bring the stress of the workplace back home as well. Sometimes its impossible to avoid but when its avoidable do not bring it home.

14. It may seem like a small thing but when in a relationship or a marriage you remember small things like birthdays and anniversary dates, it usually means a lot to the other person. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way to keep the happiness alive.

15. Support each other’s dream. You are the best support your spouse has so prove that. They may have an impossible dream but you can always show an inherent support for that. A word of encouragement would mean a lot to make the other person happy.

There is nothing like a smiling face and if you are the reason for that smile on another person’s face you have a lot to feel happy about it as well. Funny thing is you may be working very hard to earn a lot of money that you feel will make your spouse or family happy but the truth is the day you come in early from work and spend quality time with them, you know what their happiness is really like. Food for thought, isn’t

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