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The Right Solution To Speed Up Windows PC

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Are you working at home? Is your PC working well as you expected? Aside from the cyber-attacks that you are worrying about, one issue that most PC users encounter is low-performance PC operating systems. What is the reason behind this issue, and how can it be addressed? Are there any possible solution/s to this problem?

Solutiontales can help Windows PC speed up the performance.

Why does Windows PC not work well?

It is the top question of most Windows users out there. Yes, this possibly happened to your units. The reason behind this is due to the update of Windows for security updates. Some users would say they don’t want to update their operating system because they are used to the old version. Although this can be possible, possible issues arise, such as:

  • Low-speed browsing
  • Page error
  • Malicious malware detections
  • Suspicious website
  • Or anything that hinders your productive day

No one working from home would want this to happen. Or else they would run out to ask for the help of a computer technician. Security updates should not be taken lightly; they may soon come out. From phone to computer, never hesitate to install and address security-related risks found.

Therefore, you need to update your Windows to have secure, safe, and high-speed browsing. PCs are at risk and installation of the recently released update is advised to install to ensure 100 security flaws.

Why does windows pc not work well computer technician

2023 Microsoft update

Microsoft has released April 2023 Patch Updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Microsoft has fixed 97 vulnerabilities and other components, one of which has been exploited by attackers. It is so alarming and many Windows users were affected by it.

Windows 12 was released in April, and announced in March 2023. Some PCs are made available with the pre-installed Windows 12 that can be upgraded after the release date. Are you still using the old Windows 11 version? Perhaps, your PC is ready for the new version of Windows 12 upgrade.

What are the changes?

The changes in Microsoft in March 2023 are expected. The upgraded version of Windows should be more secure and have excellent features than expected.

Earlier was announced the plan of bringing IPv6 support to Azure AD letting customers reach the Azure AD services over the following:

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Dual stack endpoints

It serves as a reminder to start introducing the IPv6 support in a phased approach starting on the 31st of March 2023.

What are the updates of Windows 12?

Windows 12 has these features:

  • Operated on all personal computers and laptops
  • It has a file size of 1.2GB

These are only a few of the features in Windows 12.

Upgrading Windows 12 2023

Many are asking this: is it good to upgrade to Windows 12 2023? It is not bad to update to Windows 12 unless the hardware doesn’t support it. If your PC doesn’t have the right requirements for upgrading, it will not be a good idea. If the computer doesn’t meet the hardware requirements, it is not bad to update to Windows 12.

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