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The most fashionable sports in India

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India is a densely populated country that is rich in art achievements. Many are accustomed to believe that there is no sport in this country, but this is not the case. Indians love sports, moreover, they consider it not only a way of interesting pastime but also a part of culture, traditions, and spirituality. Athletes from India have achieved success in various disciplines, but cricket remains their favorite game.

6 sports that India loves

Various sports are practiced in India, but there are several disciplines that Indians love and are particularly good at:

Cricket is as popular in india bestsport

  • Cricket is as popular in India as football is in Italy or Spain. Both children and adults play cricket. An important match makes the Indians spend any money on a ticket, they are ready to forget about work and household chores, just not to miss the game. Fans are actively betting on cricket. One of the most popular online cricket betting offices is Parimatch. An international company legally operates in the country, on the BC website https://parimatch.in/en/cricket-ipl you can see wide lines and high quotes
  • Chess is a popular game that is the pride of India. Indians invented and popularized chess around the world. The legendary grandmaster Viswanathan Anand was born in this country. Chess is a sport that does not require physical stamina and strength but excites the brain as much as possible, it is an intellectual discipline that develops logic. For more than one century, world chess competitions have been held and interest in them does not fade away.
  • Football is next in the ranking of sports preferences of Indians. It is played in all regions of the country but is especially loved in Goa and Bengal. The birthplace of Indian football in Kolkata.
  • Field hockey is a game that is considered national in the country. The Indians are strong in this sport, the men’s team brought back eight gold medals in field hockey from the Olympic Games.
  • Tennis is a game that was brought to India by the British. Among the athletes in India, there are world-class tennis players. Their main advantage is in the ability to concentrate, dexterity, endurance, and fighting spirit.
  • Athletics is a sport that is becoming more and more widespread in India. The results of the country’s athletes in various competitions are constantly growing.

At the last Olympic Games, the Indians won nine medals, which speaks of the development of sports in the country. As it turned out, not only cricket lives in the sports world of India.

Development of Indian sports

Sports in India are constantly gaining momentum. Various events are held, sports development programs are being implemented. The pride of the country is the game of kabaddi – a combination of wrestling and tagging. One cannot fail to note the unique Indian gymnastics – mallakhamb. It is a sport in which men perform various tricks on a pole. Previously, the discipline was considered Indian wrestling, but now it has become pole gymnastics.

India races Formula 1, participates in competitions in winter sports. Shooting is not very common in this country, however, Akhinav Binde earned a gold medal in shooting at the 2008 Olympics. All this indicates that India is not indifferent to world sports and is constantly improving its level.

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