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The Modern Wedding Technology At The Centre Of Couples’ Union

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Jiri and Ondrej Vedral, a Czech couple, exchanged fashionable rings on their wedding day instead of the customary gold bands.

Wearable electronics called “smart rings” include features that are similar to those of smartwatches. Typically, they provide contactless payments and cardiac monitoring for the user.

It is a rapidly expanding industry of technology, with annual global sales growth estimated to be 21%.

However, Jiri and Ondrej’s smart rings are different from most since they let them see and feel each other’s heartbeat, making them more romantic than most.

Every ring has a Bluetooth connection to an app on the user’s smartphone. Additionally, two rings can be connected via the app.

Jiri’s wedding ring thus physically pulses with Ondrej’s heartbeat each time he presses it, and it also shows the heartbeat as a moving red line. And for Ondrej, do the opposite.

They receive a real-time heartbeat as long as their cell phones are both online. If either is unavailable, they receive the most recent recording.

“We had never been into gold and diamonds,” claims Jiri. “We liked the idea that this was something new since we wanted something distinctive. In this, we feel like pioneers. The Touch, a Czech company, produces the rechargeable ring known as the HB Ring. Despite the initial iteration’s limited 2016 release, the company is now experiencing an upsurge in global interest as a result of the wider boom in the smart ring market.

Additionally, the company this year introduced a brand-new complementary product called The Touch Locket. This uses the same technology as the smart rings but is designed to be worn as a necklace.

Engaged couples who might like the thought of feeling their partner’s heartbeat but don’t want to give up having traditional wedding bands are among its target market.

Drones for wedding photography

iri and Ondrej are two of the numerous couples who today use technology more and more throughout their wedding celebrations. Tech has influenced many significant elements of the wedding day, from drones for wedding photography to digital applications to assist with planning duties like managing the budget and seating arrangements.

According to Zoe Burke, the lead editor for the UK wedding planning website Hitched.co.uk, individuals are increasingly managing their lives on their smartphones, which is fueling the growth of the wedding tech trend.

“I believe that the ability to arrange your wedding using your phone is now taken for granted by most people. Your phone is most likely how you found your lover, she asserts. According to recent reports, a third of British couples now use WhatsApp to send out wedding invitations, while 60% post about their engagement on social media.

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