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The Making of a Company Rock Star: Talent Acquisition Secrets Revealed

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How do Fortune 500 companies turn talent into world-class leaders? Discover the talent acquisition secrets behind the fastest-growing companies.

When you’re looking to discover the top talent in your industry it isn’t enough to post job offerings on any job board anymore. Instead, you need to treat candidates as if they’re consumers and they’re looking to buy your job.

So what can you do in the talent acquisition department to get the right candidates to agree to work with you? How do you weed through all the potential candidates and find the right ones to turn into world-class leaders?

Keep reading for our guide as we reveal the best talent acquisition secrets so you can hire like one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Don’t Speed Through Process 

When there is an open position at a company it can cause a lot of stress on other employees who are trying to pick up the slack. You may feel pressure to immediately fill the role with the first decent candidate but this isn’t one of the best talent acquisition strategies.

Instead, you need to be able to trust the process of finding the right candidate for the job. Make sure to sit down with each candidate so that you can get to know them. Even if it takes a few meetings with the same person you do not want to rush the hiring process.

Understand Your Company’s Culture

Understand company's Culture Talent Acquisition Secrets

One reason why many new hires don’t fit or last at a new job is that they don’t mesh with the already established company culture. If you’re looking at becoming a talent magnet for your team, then understanding the company culture is key to the hiring process.

Since we are so closely tied to our work and the people we work with it is hard to be objective about the company culture. Either take a step back when trying to understand the culture or get a second outside opinion.

On the other hand, as someone who hires talent for the company you might not know a lot about the culture you’re dealing with. In this instance, try to get to know people on the team and figure out what makes a great employee.

Look Past the Resume

Finding a person who fits the needs of the role is important when it comes to technical skills. Yet, when you’re looking for ways on how to keep good employees you need to look past what they can do on paper.

Finding out their decision-making process is valuable for many roles. Will they go with their gut instinct or will they take the time to weigh their options?

You also want to see how they can handle stressful situations especially if they will be dealing with customers. Can they work well under pressure or will they need help from others?

These are things that you can’t find in a resume and something that a talent acquisition manager needs to figure out on their own.

Be a Talent Acquisition Rockstar

Hiring new people to work for your team is important and you want to find people that will stick with you for the long haul. Yet, being a master of talent acquisition is going to take a bit of time and practice, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be a real rockstar in no time.

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