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The Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace

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Many recruitment managers find hiring candidates for a particular position to be a tough and challenging task. Organizations are increasingly prioritizing ‘soft skills’. Soft skills are considered more when compared to ‘hard skills’. You need to know the importance of soft skills in the workplace.

The Importance of Soft Skills: What does it include?

Such skills combine people skills, communication skills, social skills, and personality or character traits. It also includes attitudes, emotional intelligence quotients, and social intelligence.

Key soft skills include the following:

1. Communication (speaking /listening)

2. Attitude

3. Teamwork

4. Work ethic

5. Time management

6. Leadership qualities

7. Networking

8. Critical thinking

9. Conflict resolution

10. Decision making

11. Problem-solving

12. Empathy

However, soft skills are considered to be unquantifiable professional attributes. Hiring managers find it difficult to evaluate them as potential candidates, thus increasing their overall significance.

Increasing demand and Importance of Soft Skills at the workplace

Importance of soft skills at the workplace soft skills at the workplace

The modern workplace is witnessing increasing demand for people with soft skills. This way, additional value can be included in the business. During the hiring process, soft skills are regarded to be a ‘crucial’ element, much more than that of tech skills.

The desirable attributes checked out at the time of recruitment is the ability to be a team player and leadership skills. These are given more importance than quantitative and analytical skills.

It is also further noticed that one among the three skills desired in a candidate in many jobs is a soft skill or ‘baseline’. Technical jobs like healthcare and information technology also witnessed the need for baseline skills as essential skill requirements.

To find people having talent and the right set of soft skills is tough. Soft skills are cited as the main training priority among many organizations.

Organizational outcomes


For several organizations, communication and teamwork are considered to be weak points. It also results in productivity and performance challenges. A good number of employees believe that with effective team collaboration, project performance can be improved significantly.

2. Critical and creative thinking:

It is essential to hire staffs who are critical and creative thinkers. Such people can introduce fresh ideas, products and services. These two are among the top three skills cited by World Economic Forum.

3. Compassion leadership:

To be a successful leader, compassion is crucial. Teams can thrive if only their leader takes care of their needs and is trustworthy. Organizations having compassionate leaders are found to excel more at collaboration.

4. Communication skills:

Leaders and other team members need to have good communication skills. Most of the part involves listening and verbal cues. The candidate needs to be a team player.

Soft skills in the workplace are likely to be held important always. The truth is that today’s business landscape can be termed to be more about relationships and communication. It also involves presenting your organization positively to potential employees and the public at large. Hiring people at your workplace with soft skills allows your organization to efficiently and effectively use their knowledge and technical skills. This is possible without resulting in poor market and public perceptions, infighting, or interpersonal issues.

It is for this reason, that hiring managers should take proper steps when it comes to hiring candidates, especially for key positions. Recruitment for soft skills needs to be a strategic and well-measured approach. It also needs investing precious time, gut instinct, and patience.

Therefore, as a hiring manager, it is your duty and responsibility to understand the importance of soft skills. Accordingly, you need to hire people who can contribute to the growth of the organization.

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