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The Difference A Great Business Card Makes

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The business card might seem a little old fashioned by modern standards, but you will find that they are still an excellent tool, especially for an up-and-coming entrepreneur who wants to make an impression and to be remembered. However, it’s not going to be any old piece of card that does the trick, however. Here are a few ways to make sure that yours do the trick.

Make sure they have some flash

Nowadays, if you’re using simple black and white business cards with little in the way of visual design to set them apart, then you shouldn’t be surprised if people are going to have a hard time remembering you even after you give it to them. With high-quality color printing options so widely available, today, there really is no reason you shouldn’t invest a little in incorporating your brand’s logo and color scheme into your business card. It ties your identity to your business and makes it much more memorable.

Give them a link to your world

Nowadays, a business card can be so much more than just a way to remember your name and make sure that people have your contact details. If a meeting with someone goes well, you might want them to look a little further and see more about what you can do with them and a free QR code that you can print on your business cards, you can give them just that. Nowadays, business cards can serve as the first step to a conversion process that makes good use of web content, too.

Business card

Consider a different shape

One of the benefits of the traditional rectangular business card shape is that it can fit easily into the wallet of the average person or into any other accessory that can store their other cards. However, if you’re at things like trade shows and conferences, then people are likely to have a little more room for things that don’t fit those more traditional storage spaces. As such going a little off the wall and trying fun business card ideas, including all kinds of different shapes, can make it much more memorable and distinct from the crowd. These kinds are best used in environments where people are likely to be receiving cards left, right, and center.

Let it represent your values

There are all kinds of business card design elements you can use to have it better represent what you’re really all about. For instance, if you want to give a feeling of luxury and exclusivity, then gold foil cards can be a great signifier of that. If you want to give the immediate impression that your business is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices, then you can also use renewable and recycled kraft paper cards, as well.

You should never leave home without a small arsenal of business cards in your pocket. Just because they’re old-fashioned doesn’t mean that they’re not useful. In fact, modern options can use all kinds of tech advances to their advantage.

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