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The Benefits of Being an Intrapreneur

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The traditional workplace is evolving quite rapidly, with job roles becoming more dynamic. Top performers are those who are innovative and agile and will do more to boost their careers. These days, companies desire candidates ready to face and overcome challenges, take calculated risks and think like a leader. They also are expected to have a passion to succeed in life and career. Companies are more interested to hire candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit and apply it in the organization. Rather, they seek intrapreneurs. The benefits of being an intrapreneur are many, something that you should be aware of.

Who is an intrapreneur?

The intrapreneur is rather an employee having an entrepreneur’s mindset. Such people have developed the ability to be creative in their approach. They can also manage special projects efficiently and seek growth opportunities. For this, they will make less use of traditional techniques and strategies. They will have a much bigger vision than what is mentioned within their job description. They also stay focused and remain determined to complete the assignments on time and to their satisfaction.

The intrapreneur can be an employee or a manager launching new processes, products and strategies. These are likely to align perfectly with the overall objectives of the organization.

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and intrapreneur?

Difference between an entrepreneur and intrapreneur being a intrapreneur

Both share the same approach in their working style. They focus more on innovation and creativity. However, they do have some differences. The entrepreneur tends to focus on developing his own business, right from scratch. On the other hand, the intrapreneur focuses on improving his employer’s organization from within. The latter can be termed to be a key stakeholder, manager or an employee in the organization.

What are the benefits of being an intrapreneur?

You can enjoy better career prospects and move up the hierarchy level very fast by being an intrapreneur. Some benefits derived are as follows:

1. Shape up strategic direction:

Vital inputs are essential for any business to sustain and grow. Being an intrapreneur, you can take adequate steps and come up with useful strategies. This will allow your organization to move in a proper direction. Your colleagues and even seniors will look forwards to you for viable solutions especially when faced with obstacles. You can have a major say in the decisions concerning the organization’s growth.

2. More resources and stability when compared to entrepreneurship:

You may have desired to become an entrepreneur and realize your long-cherished dream. But lack of budget and resources may not have allowed you to fulfill it. You can always join an organization that will allow you to exhibit your intrapreneurship skills. Since the organization offers you with necessary tools, resources and capital, you can make your dreams a reality. This way, you can avoid risking your money or worrying about leaving your secured job and high salary. Also, you do not have to start from scratch as the organization being long-established, is likely to have developed its resources. You can get to experiment with your ideas and also get access to a larger platform and more resources.

3. Win-win situation for all concerned:

This is one of the major benefits of being an intrapreneur. Besides you having a flourishing and rewarding career, your employer also stands to gain immensely. You as an employee are likely to focus more on introducing new strategies, processes, and techniques that will bring results. This will also generate new opportunities and keep all your staff motivated to do big. In turn, the organization will grow quickly and also increase its market goodwill.

Therefore, there are several benefits of being an intrapreneur.

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