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The Age of Internet of Things and Secure Telecommunication

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The coming 5G infrastructure will give birth to Internet of Things, the next and most complete revolution in telecommunication. However, it must go hand in hand with an optimal level of security established from its conception and further development, as the immensity in the number of connected devices that 5G allows is not only a highly demanding factor for handling the network of the future but also an incentive for cyber-attack specialists.

Needs and Basic Foundations of IoT Security

Companies, hospitals, and public administrations have been the preferred targets of cyber-criminals for years. Now, the future is changing and anybody in search of protection needs to get the right approach for the beginning of the IoT era. In the new 5G world, connected objects can also be hijacked.

In the new technological dimension, the key to hijacking inside the interconnection paths is in the firmware update of the connected components, this process is carried out directly from the application which, in the hands of a hacker, makes it possible to organize an attack to take full control of any device.

Needs and basic foundations of iot security internet of secure telecommunication

The security of 5G networks has become a high-level requirement. In response, the European Commission has approved a package of risk mitigation measures, developed with the collaboration of all European Union (EU) member states.

The resulting legal instruments have been designed to mitigate the potential vulnerabilities that 5G networks could present since their activation. The goal has been to build an adequate response to the eventualities, after an exhaustive risk analysis developed by all European countries, with the support of Anisa, the European Cybersecurity Agency.

The telecommunications companies, on their side, have already taken action and are prepared to offer security and user protection plans. It is crucial for users to understand that, staring at the face of the giant dimensions of this new technology, they are facing challenges and opportunities they have not seen before, so new levels of security must come along with new services, architectures, and technologies. And in order to be ready against fraudulent activities visit this site and learn about the telco fraud prevention & revenue assurance solution.

5G to IoT, shielding the Routes of the new Telecommunication

5G’s brand security level is unseen before things. It is, in fact, a new technology harmony between high speed and a solid infrastructure that feeds subnets efficiently and safely, worldwide. In contrast, these 4G basic security design constructs that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) currently use for service traffic on their networks are no longer sufficient. On the other hand, according to recent data, more than 90% of users demand good encryption, one that reaches the deepest layers of telecommunication networks.

The core protocol for the new encryption will be IPSec, a framework or collection of protocols that act in the Network layer of the OSI model, and form one of the most secure and best-supported technologies for data pack traffic; this is why it is used to establish tunnels through IP networks, the fundamentals of the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) concept.

Everybody wanting to know how to take benefit from good IP encryption has to go with express VPN review right now, a decisive tool that will make a successful transition to 5G. Straight to the fact, by acting at layer 3 IPSec can protect a network, transport, and application protocols solidly. This degree of shielding is so deep that it achieves new levels of security and flexibility when compared to other techniques, such as the popular HTTPS, which only gives protection to the application layer.

The brand new 5G will deploy a highly intuitive cybersecurity model based on DDoS protection, a spot on the move that strictly talking brings calm winds, we are talking upon facts. These specific and up-to-date tech data give us the security we need to enter the Age of the Internet Of Things with confidence since they draw up what will be a completely armored platform with a base structure that will give solid walls to the routes of the new fifth-generation telecommunication.

In this way, cyber-intelligence is beginning to make its presence felt, taking on an essential role in the tech environment of the future, positioning itself as the most advanced multi-device platform interconnection security technology combined with super-advanced network technologies, a combination that will offer citizens, companies, and administrations the highest levels of security for top efficiency, in the refreshing era on whose shores we already find ourselves.

Living The Miracle of the New Tech Dimension, IoT Security and Efficiency

Systems that are currently isolated from each other, without any requirement other than being connected to the 5G network, will work in perfect interconnection. Every access will be enabled, whether or not it is in the 3GPP standard (WLAN, fixed network, and even satellites, non-terrestrial networks, and high-altitude platforms).

All of this will be possible thanks to the sturdy security of its infrastructure, we could even eliminate the word security and replace it with Super security, an essential factor to achieve the dimensions of the vast, demanding, and varied flow of things that will be happening on the routes of the fifth technology. The implementation of IoT will be completed slowly but solidly.

The era of intelligent networks will integrate everything and put it at the service of the human being: artificial intelligence, thermography, predictive models, autonomous cars, smart transport, telemedicine, unprecedented augmented reality & virtual reality experiences, the possibilities for the amazing will be endless.

The interconnection speed in 5G and zero latency issues will achieve technological miracles, even from the simplest daily routine, like the man who, when brushing his teeth after breakfast will receive the notice of a cavity that needs attention together with the appointment already scheduled in the best manner according to his constantly updated agenda and preferences; then he talks to the refrigerator and receives its nice voice advising which foods he should eat that evening before they expire, for a simple but highly efficient long-term saving.

Later, his car, communicating with the traffic light control panel, tells him why it is slowing down while analyzing the available routes, and all of a sudden gives voice: “you have 3 friends traveling nearby”, and asks permission to send them a greeting and arrange a next meeting.

Smart cities look great, maintenance is 100% efficient, no more garbage on the streets, gardens never looked more beautiful, and traffic is now one more pleasure of life. Let us make a responsible transition to that world where technology serves with a renewed light, where there is no longer room for deception, it is the era of true progress and Super communication.

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