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Spacex Ready To Step Toward Space Station With Another Utilized Dragon Capsule

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SpaceX keeps on its reusable product journey. The company’s upcoming cargo mission toward the International Space Station (ISS) employs the utilized Dragon capsule, planned to execute on 30th October (Monday) at 3:34 p.m. from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, as per the NASA officials.

The pad has been out of commission since September 2016, due to the explosion of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket during its pre-launch test. The contract regarding the ISS resupply has been made by SpaceX by utilizing the Dragon and Falcon 9 for NASA for 5 years.

The re-usable Dragon capsule, which is about to launch on Monday, already has been visited once before the “cargo mission number six:”, was executed in April 2015. Its return ability of the earth makes it unique from other disposable cargo crafts.

Space station

SpaceX has flown a used Dragon once before. On June 3 of this year, a Falcon 9 launched a capsule whose first ISS mission came in September 2014.

These types of activities seem essential to develop fully and rapidly re-usable spaceflight systems, employed by SpaceX. Definitely, the reusability idea would revolutionize space exploration by reducing the cost in the future. Till now, SpaceX has successfully landed boosters 18 times at the time of orbital missions. The success of these missions gives the ‘reusability’ credit to the Company.

SpaceX’s commitment to developing rapidly reusable spaceflight systems is crucial. The company’s success in landing boosters during orbital missions (18 times to date) credits SpaceX with advancing the transformative concept of ‘reusability,’ potentially revolutionizing the cost efficiency of future space exploration.

In the upcoming mission, number of significant payloads will be carried out by the Dragon, comprising a NASA instrument to measure the energy level, delivered by the sun to the earth as well as a machine to produce ZBLAN optical fiber on orbit

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