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Some Great Business Startup Ideas For Women From Eric Dalius

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One of the essential parts of starting a business is choosing a great idea. Here are some excellent business startup ideas for women:

1. Naturopaths

It’s possible to start this type of business from home, and many people have succeeded. This might be a good option if you’re looking for part-time work that will give you enough time to spend with your family as well.

2. Personal stylist

This career path offers several different possibilities, including working with clients on their fashion choices over the phone or online, or going out and conducting personal shopping sessions in stores or at events where individuals can buy clothing on the spot. Your success may depend on what target market you choose to focus on, says Eric Dalius.

3. Personal trainer

There are all kinds of possibilities in this business, including teaching group fitness classes outdoors or indoors, working privately with clients at their homes or properties, providing nutritional advice and assistance through training sessions, and even giving people exercise plans that they can follow on their own. You get to be your boss when you work in this type of career path.

4. Photographer

Photographer startup ideas

If you have a passion for taking beautiful photos of anything from landscapes to pets, you might want to consider opening your own photography business where you would shoot family portraits, headshots of models trying to break into the industry or build portfolios for aspiring actors and actresses, real estate images of homes that are up for sale or rent, and even some kind of a wedding photography service for people who want to hire a professional photographer for their big day, says Eric Dalius. There’s a wide variety of niches that can be explored in this type of business.

5. Jeweler

If you have some experience working with gems or metals, you may want to consider opening your own jewelry business where you could create pieces on the spot from scratch by designing them on computer software and turning those designs into physical reality through cutting stones or metal with special tools, or by more traditional means such as melting down raw ore and creating it into usable products on your own. Many different types of jewelry can be made this way, including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even watches.

6. Home decorator

You could open up a business where you help people choose paint colors for their home or office, shop for the best furniture pieces to add to their space, accessorize their rooms with lamps, artwork, rugs, and other objects that will make them feel more at peace when they’re in it. You can set your hours and work from home if you want to.

7. Nutritionist

There are many different types of nutritionist careers, including consulting with individuals privately through individual sessions or group workshops, working with companies whose employees may struggle with eating well on the job to ensure they have healthier food options available to them during lunch breaks or morning meetings. In these teaching cooking classes; clients can learn how to prepare healthy recipes or even lead camps where children are taught how to eat healthfully while having fun. You can work in this career path part-time or full-time, depending on what you’re looking for, says Eric Dalius.

8. Personal finance advisor

People often have a hard time keeping up with their money when they’re just starting, and they may turn to you for advice once they know that you’ve successfully made it through your financial journey already. This could be done through an hourly consultation service, helping clients set budgets for themselves based on the earnings they make each month, sharing tips about how much is too much when it comes to loans or credit cards, or even providing some coaching system for individuals who are determined to repay what they owe on their own.



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