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Solarclue.com : The Green Energy Startup

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Launched in 2016 by Subham Charan, Solarclue has gradually grown in stature to become India’s premium online marketplace for solar products. Pioneered with the vision to bring convenience to buyers and sellers of solar products, the company aligns itself with the global initiative of promoting green products.

A graduate of the prestigious NIT Meghalaya, founder and CEO Subham Charan forfeited a lucrative corporate career to start his own business. Inspired by his initiative, fellow college graduates with corporate and industry expertise soon joined him to elevate the company both in national and international avenues.

Although the venture had its inception in 2016 in Bangalore, the platform had its official unveiling in 2019. The other founders, Aman Jain and Akshaya Gupta, came on board a little while after. Subham Charan started his professional life by employment in an MNC-Hewlett. After a year, his germinating vision took hold of his determination and motivated him to forego his promising corporate career. His goal was to craft and build a business that would positively serve society.

And what better way to do that than to launch an online marketplace for solar products? With environmental preservation and clean energy being the world’s foremost social concerns, solar energy has never been more critical considering the accelerating damage to the environment. Moreover, with a firm grounding in engineering sciences and business experience afterward, Subham Charan had the right tools and expertise to take the leap when he founded Varistor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Solarclue ceo subham charan

Accompanied by his former batchmates, the founders have made the company one of India’s most successful startups. Presently, online marketplace services are available to the following cities in India: Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, and Noida. Beyond these cities, Solarclue.com has also engaged customers on an international level. The company’s clients include both B2B, B2C and B2G customers.

The trios’ earliest research revealed a niche in the field of sustainable energy. Although the website was launched in 2018, it did not become operational until April of 2019. But the results were sensational from the start. Annual revenue of 10 crores soon came in, with the expected revenue rising to 350 million Indian rupees.

Furthermore, the website now has 32 different brands listed. In its most significant accomplishment, solar products have successfully cleaned more than 46648 tons of Carbon Dioxide from the air.

It should be borne in mind that carbon dioxide forms the main component of the gases that contribute to global warming, a ramification of environmental pollution that brings about a rise in global temperature and possible ecological catastrophes.
Of course, the awareness of these issues has become rampant in recent years.

A green future where sustainable energy sources are used has become a global trend. Solarclue aims to contribute to this trend by facilitating the easier adoption of these sustainable energy sources. Moreover, the availability of solar products means that many terrains, hitherto devoid of electric power, can receive technological advancement to prosper.

Other than these two points, the founders also had another consideration in their minds. The ubiquity of solar energy also entails a more affordable availability of electricity. A more modernized way of life with access to computers and information technology means acceleration in education, learning, and economic prosperity.

The founders have worked tirelessly for five years to bring these visions to life. Their efforts have paid off, as the variety of solar products has grown over time. Products like solar water heaters, solar power systems, solar inverters, solar panels, solar batteries, solar light, and much more are available for purchase on the website.

All these efforts have led to the culmination of very impressive figures. For example, the company has completed more than 1750 different projects, with over 2000 orders delivered to its valuable customers. Presently, it has expanded to include more than 100 brands of solar products. Moreover, more than 80,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide have been removed from the atmosphere.

Also, the company has reached areas throughout India and plans to widen its net. But the deliveries of solar products range to more than 1950 pin codes. And all of these achievements have resulted from the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service. Both vendors and customers can navigate and interact through the platform without any hassles. The website design facilitates ease and convenience above all else.

The company’s website is a true marvel that has contributed significantly to the stellar success it has witnessed. The product discovery recommendation engine is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Offers and featured deals are customarily made more convenient for first-time or returning buyers to facilitate users.

Moreover, the online platform uses a secure payment system, installment, and maintenance services, all done in a consumer-centric way. The easy-to-use interface allows users to navigate conveniently through the website. With the onslaught of the covid-19 pandemic, the company has also given much-needed employment to many jobless citizens of India.

The founders find solace and pride in having accomplished the things they set out to do through all of this. But they want to take things further. Many expansion plans are currently in the pipeline. The online solar product marketplace seeks to serve in other cities and to increase its product range. Employing their expertise and accumulated knowledge, the founders keep themselves aware and updated on the changing trends in this industry. They intend to align their services to new developments and innovations.

The company seeks to serve a wide variety of clients with the best possible customer care regarding its clientele. Some of the company’s notable customers are The Indian Army, Haryana Govt., L&T: Larsen & Toubro, Mangalam Biotech Research, New Delhi, L Dylunio Empresa OPC Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Battalion Army, Jammu & Kashmir, and many more.

Despite the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic, the company remains optimistic about future growth as it expands its operations. Its target is to venture into international markets.

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