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SmartUp : The Shopify of Mobile Learning

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SmartUp.io was launched in the UK near the end of 2015 as a peer-to-peer learning app, but it has grown ever since to become so much more. Initially, the Founders Forum Network entrepreneurs were the primary target for the mobile learning app, allowing them to exchange ideas and knowledge conveniently and effectively.

When the company found its first commercial client – a large local bank in Singapore, SmartUp pivoted to become an enterprise-ready training solution. Today, SmartUp serves as a platform for trainers to create their own digital, mobile learning academies easily and quickly.

Mobile learning has become an essential mode of instruction and education for adult learners. These days, even Executive MBAs are fully delivered through mobile apps as they greatly match the lifestyles of busy executives, allowing them to easily learn anytime, anywhere.

Other than academics and skills development, SmartUp has seen its mobile learning platform being used by those working in healthcare and even non-profit Organizations to share knowledge. With such diverse use cases, the startup strives to continue developing its platform to provide a top-notch adult training and learning experience.

Mobile learning smartup

Taking a closer look at the SmartUp platform, trainers are equipped with various tools and elements to assist them in creating and sharing vital content. The platform facilitates trainers to create their own content that will be automatically optimized for mobile and web delivery so that they can focus on their content development rather than technology. The platform also helps trainers increase learner engagement with gamification elements for a more exciting learning experience.

For trainers who want to launch their own branded mobile learning academy, SmartUp has them covered. Trainers can now easily do so without getting bogged down in the technicalities of app development and hiring developers.

All the trainers need to do is pass on an app logo and their desired name of the app and SmartUp will have the end-to-end process covered with their mobile learning apps being published in a few short weeks. SmartUp believes that the trainers should have their branding front and center, as the overall positioning and delivery of the program is important to the learners.

A large part of our lives has unavoidably gone virtual and with endless distractions, the benchmark for digital learning experiences has elevated as the fight for the learner’s attention is now tougher than ever. Without engaging and compelling learning content adapted to the learner’s preferred mode of delivery, trainers might find it increasingly challenging to engage their students remotely. With the vision of making online learning engaging and enjoyable for learners and trainers, SmartUp’s present CEO, Eunice Goh, is determined to create a mobile-first platform where trainers can create live, structured or on-demand digital learning platforms with great convenience.

When asked what the next step is for SmartUp, Eunice highlighted, “We have formed a deep understanding of what trainers and learners want over the years, and we are really excited to be shaping the future of digital learning. There is so much more we can do through mobile and we have only just begun! We would like to create a dynamic, interactive digital learning environment so that learners do not feel alone while learning online.”

Message to customers and viewers:

“With even MBA programs being delivered fully on mobile these days, your learners expect nothing less. We power trainers to launch digital academies at scale with high learner adoption, with your very own branded mobile learning app. We now have over 250,000 learners and more than 20 million minutes of microlearning delivered, let us enable you to create your next successful online learning program.”

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