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Skills Needed To Become A Graphic Designer

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A graphic designer has to be more than creative. Besides creative thinking, they need the knowledge of design software and tools and keep themselves updated with every evolving design aspect.

If you are thinking of a future in graphic design, consider getting a Mdes in graphic design to learn the essential skills you need as a graphic designer.

Imaginative thinking:

The primary requirement to be a graphic designer is a vivid imagination. While design sense and aesthetic knowledge are significant criteria in graphic design, the ability of the designer to be imaginative and foresee design elements is essential. As a graphic designer, you should be creative and innovative to produce the quality design.

Design thinking:

Design thinking is the art of processing designs with a practical and cognitive approach. There are certain innate elements in designing that go beyond coding and software development. While the technical skills needed to be a graphic designer can be taught, design thinking is more of a personal practice that sets one up for expertise in the field.

Good knowledge of software:

Graphic designers need to have a good knowledge of design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk to name a few. Proficiency in one or more software will go a long way to fulfilling a career. Graphic designers are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the tools used and although they keep updating and changing regularly, upgrading those skills is part of the job.

Coding skills:

Coding skills become a graphic designer

Designers are not expected to know coding in-depth or build websites from scratch but learning a few coding skills be it UI or UX design and gaining familiarity with them helps in becoming a more efficient graphic designer. Learning some scripting could open up new avenues of design. You can have basic skills in Java, HTML, Virtual basic, or other design requirements for standing out.


Typography is important for designing apps, websites, print designs, and more. Typography teaches the quality and choice of font to use to work with a company’s branding. It is the technique and art of arranging fonts that make written language readable and appealing on display. The arrangement of the type also includes selecting point size, letter spacing, line spacing, typefaces. This method is also applied to the arrangement and style of letters, symbols, and numbers.

Knowledge of the latest trends:

UI and UX have been around for some time, and newer technologies like AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) and a combination of AI or artificial intelligence are emerging in the design world too. While AI may not be necessarily important, it can have a significant impact on 3D designs. As a designer, having workable knowledge of these emerging techniques and their relation to graphic design will be immensely beneficial in having a successful career.

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