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Six Reasons Businesses Can Benefit from Applicant Tracking Systems

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Discover the advantages an applicant tracking system can provide for your small company, from shortening the hiring process to monitoring recruiting performance.

It is quite difficult to find suitable candidates for the job. Finding the top candidates in a very competitive market is a problem for recruiters. The most qualified individuals can afford to look around for the company they choose and that makes them the best offer because they have the most in-demand talents.

Benefits Of the Applicant Tracking Systems

Let’s look more closely at the advantages of this type of technology and how it can help you and your business save both money and time.

1. Save time and resources

Setting up and managing your applicant pool can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring you to schedule various stakeholders at once and go through your mailboxes looking for the appropriate attachment. An ATS removes the repetitive work from recruiting by offering simple-to-use tools that cut out processes you don’t need to undertake and help you didn’t realize you required.

The Application tracking systems reduce the repetitive work at every point. From the flexibility to construct templated customized hiring procedures that can be extended to other departments or interviewing stages to integrating approval flows into the program itself. Additionally, integrated calendars let you quickly see everyone’s accessibility, simplifying the process of scheduling.

2. Simplifier Onboarding

After hiring the best people, it’s time to provide them with a registration process. Data collected by SHRM and allied firms in the HR sector show that “excellent onboarding increases the likelihood that 69% of workers will stay with an organization for 3 years.”

Simplifier onboarding applicant tracking systems onboarding

The applicant Tracking System increases the onboarding value to a greater extent.

3. Monitor hiring results

You won’t be able to determine methods to make your recruitment process more efficient or do more of what is currently effective if you don’t know how successful it is. Set indicators you wish to monitor before you start hiring so you can monitor the success of your recruitment efforts.

Among the metrics you should monitor are:

1. Date of hiring for positions by source

2. Duration of each phase

3. Stage-by-stage dropout rate

Your staff forecast and planning will be more accurate if you are aware of information like how long it will probably take to fill a certain position.

4. Enhancing The Application Process

The first opportunity an applicant has to experience what it could be like to work for your organization is during recruitment and selection. They won’t have a positive picture of your company if you communicate carelessly and take weeks to respond. You may also frequently reschedule meetings.

They’re likely to quit the application process and talk to others about their experiences.

5. Increased Cooperation

Choosing the right applicant requires a team effort. Every member of your recruitment team has to be informed of the latest developments.

To ensure that everyone on the team has access to the information they require, you can grant role-based permission using an ATS. It is simpler for individuals in the hiring group to express their opinions on applicants, and you may decide together whether to forward candidates to the next phase.

6. Sourcing the Most Efficient and Productive Candidates for the Job

You may find superior candidates with applicant tracking software in a number of ways. With the aid of applicant tracking tools, you can also create a jobs portal where you can publish positions available, enable job seekers to sign up for notifications when new positions are published, and enhance your brand image by presenting your workplace culture and benefits.


These are the top 06 reasons that benefit organizations. Application Tracking System has not only made recruitment an easier task, but it has increased the value of onboarding also.

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