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Six Fundamental Factors for Starting a Super Successful Medical Spa

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Decide what services you’ll provide

The medical spa industry has dozens of different services you can provide, from laser hair removal to CoolSculpting. Make a list of those that interest you, then consider what kinds of equipment will be needed to give a top-notch experience for your clients. Which services do you think you’re most qualified to provide? It’s best to start small, with a few offerings that you can truly perfect, before adding more costly services that require large investments.

Determine what licenses you’ll need

While it’s important to have a passion for relaxation, a med spa is a medical facility, and therefore needs to have the proper licensing to be run safely. Researching this ahead of time will prevent costly fines and disruptions to business, which can damage the trust of your customers. The American Med Spa Association has a list of resources for obtaining licenses, as well as more information on exactly what is required.

Determine what licenses you’ll need spa business

Consult with a lawyer

Having the necessary license for your spa business is an important first step, but you’ll also want to be sure that you’ve considered the liabilities of your business and have a clear plan for when issues arise. Lawyers can help with a variety of different problems a business might face, such as contracts with vendors or disputes with employees. A great lawyer can make the process of starting a business much easier, as well as protect you from legal issues down the road.

Choose a good location

It’s no secret that location is a crucial component of how successful a business is; however, the right location depends on the personality you’d like your spa to have. Should your customers feel like they’ve entirely left the modern world in a scenic getaway? Do you want your customers to come in for a quick treatment and get on with their day?

As you prepare to open your spa, think hard about exactly what you want your customers to get out of the experience, whether that’s total immersion or a fast pick-me-up, and choose a location that fits those needs.

Purchase equipment

The kind of equipment you buy will vary greatly depending on the services you’ll be providing. For a medical spa, quality is better than quantity in regards to services and equipment, so budget for products from trusted vendors who have a proven track record of good results. You might consider looking at reviews from other medical spa owners who can give their honest feedback regarding whether a certain product is worth it. You’ll also want to consider the more basic offerings, like soothing decor and comfortable chairs for your clients to wait.

Lastly, a medical spa needs to keep immaculate records to satisfy the state health department, so you will want to invest in an integrated electronics records system like AestheticsPro. This will keep your company safe from potential lawsuits, and it also makes scheduling and ordering a breeze.

Find excellent employees

Whether you just need an office manager or you’ll have a full salon of technicians, employees can make or break a business. This is especially true for a medical spa, where you need consummate professionals who your customers will trust to perform cosmetic procedures safely. Take your time in researching potential employees, including a thorough check into their background and previous work history. Make sure they have the proper licenses, as this could be a serious liability to your company. Lastly, ask yourself if they have a comfortable, pleasant personality that will make customers feel safe; the medical spa industry is about both qualifications and great bedside manner, and you want to be sure all your employees have both.

Final thoughts

Starting any business can be daunting, but with some careful planning and a lot of hard work, you can open a medical spa that helps your customers feel confident about the way they look and feel. Never forget the reason that you got into the business, which is to help your customers live a more confident and beautiful life: with that, you have the very first key to success!

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