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Should Your Business Buy Or Rent Shipping Containers?

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Shipping containers can be used for storage and transport purposes. They can also be converted into high-quality structures like homes and offices. However, when acquiring shipping containers, the big question is whether to rent or buy them. Although both options have pros and cons, the best option depends on various factors. It’s therefore vital to think carefully before deciding whether to buy or rent shipping containers.

Among the factors to consider when determining whether to rent or buy shipping containers is the budget and the amount of time you intend to use the containers. To help you decide better, continue reading to know when you need to buy or rent shipping containers.

The Period You Intend To Use The Container

The first factor in deciding whether to purchase or rent shipping containers is the time you intend to use them. Buying might be the perfect option if you’re planning on using shipping containers for an extended period of time. However, renting might be ideal if your business requires a standard shipping container for a short period that doesn’t exceed 48 hours. It might not make sense to buy shipping containers you intend to use briefly.

For short-term rentals, custom leases offer the best deals. Such leases offer short-term and one-time rental services with the same flexibility without storing the structure for the entire year. If your business uses these containers once a year, renting should be the better option. Likewise, if your business has never used shipping containers and is considering building custom structures like offices, begin by renting instead of buying.

Your Business Budget

When considering your budget, don’t concentrate on the cash you have on hand. Instead, think about a long-term budget. Shipping containers require storage and transportation, and these services will add up to the initial budget. It’s essential to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on shipping containers and how long you can afford the expenses. After calculating and deciding what you can invest in these containers, you’ll know whether to buy or rent them.

The Container’s Purpose

Containers purpose shipping containers

The advantages of buying or renting shipping containers vary depending on the purpose. If you intend to use shipping containers for storage purposes for a long time, buying is more beneficial than renting. However, renting might be ideal for saving your business moving costs if you plan on moving the containers now and then. Additionally, if the containers are used as offices, it’s advisable to buy the ones in good condition as renting per month can cost you a lot more than buying.

The Container’s Condition

The container’s condition is another thing to look out for when deciding whether to rent or buy. If you want the containers for transportation, you won’t mind if they come with little dents and rust. However, if you intend to use containers as offices, you’ll probably want them in excellent condition.

It’s critical to note that shipping containers for rent are always in a better condition than used containers for selling. Thus, buying brand new containers or renting is advisable because they are more likely to be in perfect condition than buying used ones.

Besides, it isn’t advisable to buy shipping containers that aren’t in pristine condition. Instead, renting might be the ideal choice if you don’t mind using such while looking for perfect ones. You don’t want to spend a considerable amount buying containers you won’t use for long due to their bad condition.

Advantages Of Buying Shipping Containers

  • You can modify the containers to suit your requirements.
  • It’s cost-effective if you’re using the containers for a long
  • You can get your money back after reselling the containers.

Disadvantages Of Buying Shipping Containers

  • It can be costly, especially if you won’t be using the containers for an extended period.
  • It can be labor-intensive when you need to dispose of the containers.

Advantages Of Renting Shipping Containers

  • It’s cheaper if you need the containers for only a short term.
  • You only have to arrange the collection with the container renting company once you’re done using the containers; hence, you don’t have to worry about disposing of them.

Disadvantages Of Renting Shipping Containers

  • You can’t modify a rented container to fit your requirements.
  • They can be expensive if used for a long time.


Based on the above information, renting or buying shipping containers depends on various factors. With careful consideration, you can never go wrong when making a perfect choice. All you need to do is determine your business requirements regarding why you need shipping containers and how long, and base your choice on the answers.

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