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Secrets To Design A Premium And Professional Powerpoint Presentation For Business

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PowerPoint presentations have evolved as the foremost choice for businesses worldwide to showcase their ideas. Whether it is about pitching a product, presenting sales analysis, or even creating marketing plans, a knockout presentation goes a long way. Attractive slide decks with a mesmerizing visual appeal reinforce your ideas unforgettably in your audience’s minds. But with more than 30 million slide decks crafted every day, you sure want yours to stand out from the crowd. 

As a business professional, you must have created a ton of slides in your life and probably sat through some boring ones as well. Excessively long and visually cluttered presentations make the clients doze off only after a few minutes. Constructing a perfect presentation is a tricky process only if you are unaware of its tips and secrets. It is not a prerequisite for you to be a designer to create remarkable presentations.

If you are looking to level up your presentation game, follow these seven tips to design a compelling slideshow:

1. Incorporate Bold Graphics

A presentation with all text and no graphics will render it dull and mundane. Instead, embed high-quality images, splendid iconography, and pixel-perfect graphics in your slides. The purpose of a presentation is to dazzle your investors and clients with your creative skills. Superior and HD imagery will embellish your deck with added stars. 

Further, compelling visuals employed in the right way aid in easy comprehension of your business ideas. A pro tip here is to stick to one or two visuals per slide. Any more than that can turn your slides into a visual mush, only to confuse your audience.

2. Leverage Powerful Data Visuals

Incorporate alluring data visuals into your presentations to present your data and statistics in an impactful way. Color-coded charts, tables, pie diagrams, flowcharts, and timelines are ideal for your financial information. Vector-quality data visuals can present your opportunities, benefits, and numbers (OBN) charmingly. 

Additionally, data visualization makes your numbers more digestible to your stakeholders. One glance at your chart will help your clients grasp the statistical gist. Exhibit sales analysis, quarterly financial reports, and profit-loss data with avant-garde data visuals.

3. Choose Captivating Templates

Choose captivating templates powerpoint presentation

Presentations designed with stock templates are a thing of the past. Professionally tailored templates can infuse your decks with just the right amount of flair. Pick templates that resonate with the aesthetics of your brand and charmingly structure your ideas. 

Craft one-of-a-kind and unique presentations with SlideModel premium templates. Instil your slides with top-notch quality from 100% editable SlideModel templates for every business niche. Opt for delightful templates that enhance the visual appeal of your slides. 

4. Pleasing Color-Contrast

Blend your slides with a vibrant and high-contrast colour palette to make them stand out. Light text on a dark background and vice versa is the best combination for an aesthetic colour style. Embed your deck with the colour scheme of the brand to give it a more professional look. 

Stick to 2-3 colors throughout the slides. Also, avoid employing flashy or mismatched colours that may cause eye-fatigue to your clients. A monochromatic scheme of a single colour is always a wise choice. 

5. Ace that Typography (Fonts, Bullets (6 by 6), Font size)

Presenters frequently end up losing the attention of their clients with text-heavy slides with irregular fonts. Such presentations are monotonous to sit through for everyone. You must keep the following points in mind to ace your slide game when it comes to the perfect typography:

  • Opt for Bullets- Slides with loads of paragraphs will make your text lose its effectiveness. Simplified bullets or icons will capture your ideas vehemently. Remember the 6 by 6 rule. It means not more than six bullets per slide with only six words in each.
  • Carefully Pick the Font Style- When talking about the font style, it is advisable to opt-out of fancy fonts. Pick functional sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Tahoma to make your text instantly readable on the screen.
  • Select Appropriate Font Size- Set your font size to 30pt or more to make it easily graspable. It also helps to deliver your message more efficiently as your clients are focused on your prime message. 
  • Leave White/Blank Space- Leave some space in your slides to render your premium and professional business visually enchanting. Failing to follow this tip will decorate them with visual clutter. 

6. Engaging Visual Hierarchy

The designing strategy of visual hierarchy organizes slide elements based on their importance. It is about what catches the client’s attention first, whether a larger font or image on a big scale. This presentation tip is crucial for you to align your elements in the manner of importance. 

Adjust your text in the natural reading order of left to right and top to bottom. If you place a text with a larger font size, your image size should not exceed it and vice versa. Remember that placement is the priority. It will help your investors to retain the information better. 

7. The Golden Rule of 10-20-30

It is imperative to design your presentations with a coherent structure to keep them simplified. Build your slides on the rule of 10-20-30. It says to include not more than ten slides in your presentations. Include only the vital details of your content. Bulk slides with unnecessary details make your presentations lengthy and tedious.

Deliver your presentation dynamically within 20 minutes or less as the attention span of your clients is limited. Ensure to set the font size of your slides to 30pt or more to avoid the eye-squinting of your audience. 

Premium business presentations integrate three factors- Presentation design tools, consistent style, and visually enticing slides. Animations and transitions used sparingly can also create splendid effects. A combination of these elements can help you to create awe-inspiring slides. A presentation formulated with these seven tips will make you a master of slideshows to wow your audience. Happy presenting to your audience!

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